Best Prom Ever.

February 19, 2007

Eh? Di ba dalawa lang ang prom? Oh well. Thanks talaga sa 08 for a job well done sa prom!

So before the short prom story… Here are the uber overdue plates. Argh. I’m not following my schedule anymore… I have a lot of back lag! Well so far, I still have to do today’s plate. I promise to publish it tomorrow. And so, this ends the Digimon series. I like the prom plate… I did the drawing a year ago. I dreamt of a ballet-theme prom way back then so I was inspired to make the drawing. And with that dream also, I wanted my dress to be pink. And I did.

So this is what happened. February 17, 2007. We went to Pisay at 2 oclock to get Jo. Heavy traffic jam at EDSA due to construction at Ortigas. Reached EDSA Shangrila Hotel by 4. Checked in… Room 1130. JUMPY BEDS! Ahhh, I miss the soft fluffy bed. Mom left to buy my bag and some food. Gosh, the food at the hotel room is so pricy. 150 for cup noodles?! Haha. So, Mr/Ms Make-up person comes and handles Jo first. Put on my dress. My turn for make up. Went down on 6:30. Gah, lateness. Got mask, entered ballroom, table 24. Kisses and chocolates on the table. Dinner. Pics. Table hop. Incredibly nice cotillion. Incredibly nice movie. Egg and Jao once again for Prom Queen and King. More pics. Dance. Didn’t dance much. I wanted to slow dance with him… unfortunately did not. Became a bit bitchy. Chocolate fountain. Yumyum! Ended prom. Went up the room, ate sushi, went to bed. Woke up 830. Long bath. Tub. Breakfast buffet. Sushi, Bacon, Lechon, Pancake, Bread, Yogurt, Waffles, Eggs, Fillet. Mass. Home. Sleep. End.

Happy Single Awareness Day!

February 14, 2007

I just found out from my classmates that today is Single Awareness Day. Go figure! And about today’s plate… this work was my very FIRST photoshop work which deals with scanning something and coloring it in. This was done months ago even before I started the 356 plates. I just added the transparent cheesy texts and of course, the title, date and name. Oh well, cheesy, cheesy cheesy.

Today’s our last achievement test for the whole ever! We had math and english and I was pretty surprised that I finished both tests earlier than the given time. I didn’t really study for English because Maam Bernal didn’t say anything about the coverage. As for math, I was surprised to find myself done 10 minutes earlier because I didn’t study for it because I fell asleep while attempting to do so.

After that, I went to the mall with some people. More cheesiness. While walking, you would notice that in a 5 square meter range, there would be at least a single couple… being cheesy. Even while eating lunch, I was getting sick to my stomach watching lovebirds spreading the cheese all around… so after my companions split up, I decided to go home early to avoid the cheesiness. But guess what! More cheese in the jeepney. Ger.

Oh why the hell am I bothered with cheese. I just missed CAT practice (If there ever was one) and there would be a possibility of having demerits or punishment because of that. Oh noes. And there would be regular classes tomorrow. Haha… teacher’s day! I wonder who would be Ms. Happy Feet. Oh well. Spread the love!

Bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa buhay ko?

February 13, 2007

No, this is not a Valentine’s post. Hehe, whatever. The title refers to isaw. Yes, isaw. And why is that? Last week, when stipends came, I wanted to buy a late lunch before I reached home. I decided to buy goto but since I remembered the last time I bought one didn’t taste that good, I had to settle with lugaw isaw even though I haven’t tasted it yet. Good thing it tasted decent… and as a matter of fact, I liked it so much that I thought of buying again on the next day. So I did. And on the next, next day, I bought one again. And on the next, next, next day, I bought one again. And I thought to buy one almost everyday until the end of the school year. It was just too yummy to resist…^_^

But when Saturday came, I found out that my mom just had her semi-annual medical check-up. She found out that she had high blood pressure… just like my uncle and my lolo. Yes people, autosomal dominant trait in work. Then I became scared… what if I get it too at an early age? As we all know, one of the causes for high blood is salty and fatty food. *ehem* isaw *ehem* Oh well, I was just starting to develop my love for isaw but unfortunately, we cannot be together. Sigh…

My prom dress is out. Eek. I’m not totally happy with it. I look fat in it, I think it’s too ballooney, the beadwork is boring and it’s too plain. Hay, chipipay. Oh well. That’s okay as long as I enjoy the night… that’s what matters. And besides, the gown is pink 😀

And… today’s plates! Yay! I like it so much! I think it’s somewhat identical to the original art. I did this series because the characters of this anime are much easier to draw compared to Tsubasa Chronicles, Full Metal Alchemist, Loveless, Chobits or some other anime. There would be 2 more for the digimon series… Ken and Daisuke(Davis). I don’t think I would be able to do the sempais… too much digimon for me. The 2 ones will be out on February 15 and 16.

That’s it for today! Signing out to eat dinner and watch Asian Treasures on GMA… then I’ll hit the books since tomorrow’s the last day of the achievement tests. Math and English. Ciao!

TO ALL PISAY PEOPLE! SELLING HOPIA FOR 20 PESOS4 PIECES PER PACK. Fresh from Quiapo! Just contact me, Mark Jason, Patrick or Kevin.

Achievement Test! Yay!

February 10, 2007

First plate, inspired by Girl From Hell and Le Portrait de Petit Cossette. Second plate is my version of Kari Yagami/Hikari Yagami from Digimon 02. New series! Yay! I liked what I did with her body, digivice and crest. I’m a bit disappointed with her face though. But I still love it! Go me!

This upcoming week (after all those torturous long tests in Physics and Math) is our achievement test! Yay!
Monday (February 12)
Tuesday (February 13)
Wednesday (February 14)

Right now,, the site that allows free downloads of over 4000 anime music, has now an anime episode section where you can download anime episodes in full length. Currently, there are around 100++ episodes with fansubs online. Presently, there are anime such as Death Note, Kanon, NHK ni Youkoso, Pumpkin Scissors and Ghost Hunt. Oh well, another reason for wanting DSL. I’m sure by that time I have a faster internet connection, there would be more anime available for viewing. I also want to try Gendou’s radio feature… and maybe the KOL radio too. Hahas, wishful thinking.

And thanks to mybloglog, I found out na araw-araw nya pinupuntahan blog ko. Ako naman, kilig flattered. Ahahahahah. Joke lang. Siguro, may hinahanap lang sya sa blog ko. O baka hindi naman sya talaga yung tumitingin. Tapos, naisip ko… oh. the hate posts. Oh well, ignore nyo na yun. Feeler nyo naman na hate-na-hate ko sila. That hatred just came from one source and it just so happens that they are the victims of circumstance.
Okay, time to finish “Of Mice and Men”… even if I know the whole story already (thanks to SparkNotes).

For the sake of posting, long tests!

February 8, 2007

We finally finished our STR oral presentation this morning. Yay! Finally it’s all over. We were even surprised when we had our open forum. A lot of our classmates asked us questions. It’s not that they were really interested and enthustiastic with our report but it was because we were the very last STR reporters for the school year. Hahas. So, after the final research submission tomorrow, it’s sayonara to STR for good. We’ll just have to wait for 3rd year college for thesis. Dundun…
I was quite disappointed with our Biology long test. I won’t be surprised if I fail it… I wasn’t able to study much for it because I didn’t have my book. Mmm… math and physics long test tomorrow. Antiderivatives, integrals, chain rule, implicit differentiation, photoelectric effect, compton, bohr, [insert insane physics terms here].

Five secrets.

February 6, 2007

I’m a bit disappointed with the 02-04 plate. She looks a bit scary but I’m too lazy to repeat the plate. So I apologize to the person whom I’ve based this drawing on. I’m just not good in drawing real life people.

5 (lame) secrets… tagged by Rica

1. (My dorm mates know this) I can eat a burger or hotdog sandwich in almost one bite. Yummy!

2. (My dorm mates also know this… as well as my friends) I enjoy burping the alphabet… not as good as AJ but I can still manage to gross people out.
3. I had lice almost 3 years ago. Hoho. Shh. But now, I’m clean. ^_^
4. I’m a crybaby. I cry at least once a week for lame reasons. There was a time that I even cried for more than 2 weeks straight. Happy.
5. I stereotype girls to be maarte or shameless flirts from 2 certain exclusive school based on my experience in Pisay and from stories being told to me. And I’m constantly annoyed by these schoolmates (I still hate some until now but I don’t care about the rest). I’m sure they would hate me if I say the schools that’s why let’s just make this a semi-secret. Hint, hint… Not from Holy Spirit, St. Paul, AA. Hoho…
On the 5th one, I hope others can prove me wrong about them.
I still have to think about the people I would tag. I would want a guy to answer this one!

Random tidbits

February 2, 2007

New series for the 356 plates. There would be 27 plates with this title. Hopefully, I would complete it by April.


I have a gift for you! A new layout! I hope you like it kahit di ako yung gumawa. My original plan was to move to a new domain when 02-03-07 came but I still haven’t ordered it up until now.
Soon to come!

I really have nothing to post about so I think I’ll post my Kingdom Of Loathing standings as of today.
necrorealms(#319011)-main character
Level 11
48th Ascension
100th day at hardcore
60k meat

denden (#802457)-buff character and temporary meat handler
Accordion Thief
Level 24
6.3M meat
dendenden (#1009182)-skills and item summoner in-training
Level 10
4th Ascension
23k meat

manokboy (#768749)-skills and item summoner in-training
Level 15
4th Ascension
56k meat
dimwitdidntdodgeit (#742643)-meat farmer
Level 24
574k meat

So that’s it I guess.


Erm. Oh yes, we had our Chem long test yesterday about cations… so and so. I expect to fail. In CAT, we had a test to see if we really knew who were in our platoon. We thought that we just had to recite their whole names to the officers but it turned out that we had to close our eyes, recognize a voice then say the full name of the person who spoke. Bravo 2 had 2 mistakes. Not bad really.

My prom dress would be here next week according to the dressmaker. I hope it would be pretty… it’s pomelo-pinkish (or according to my mom, it’s an old rose color). I was also able to order a cute pink and silver mask (prom theme is masquerade) from Kat. Even though it’s more pricy than what the 08 people are selling, it really looks much, much better. The picture package was just paid for yesterday. I took the All-in package because according to my dad, it’s much cheaper even though I don’t need or want everything there. I still don’t know if my mom already reserved my room in the hotel. Grabe, it seems that I’m excited for the prom but I’m actually not. Whatever! I’ve been there and done that last year that’s why it seems to be a huge bore for me. I’m more worried about our requirements and the upcoming Achievement tests. Hay. Stressful.


Today’s card giving day! Oh well. I’ll prepare myself for a nice little sermon from my parents after that. Then, I’ll be going with my brother to the ADMU HS fair. That would be my first time to go to a non-Pisay school fair. Ahehe.
Miss ko na sya. Sobra.

Quoted from Jane (The coco-manager of the VPC)
pangaea ung tawag sa napakalaking land mass sa earth nung nagsstart palang ung earth.
tapos as time passes, dahil na rin sa maraming-maraming reasons like the collision of plates, nagdivide ung pangaea until there came a time na somewhere sa earth, nagkaron ng ganitong formation ng mga islands.
sabi nga ng pink soda, the only constant thing is change. kaya naman nag-change pa rin ung formation ng islands. nagcocollide sila at nagddrift. nagiging mas close sa ibang islands ung ibang islands, at nagiging mas malayo naman ung iba.
at any rate, posible ba at malaki ba ung probability na magkaron ulit ng ganitong formation ang land?
nagtatanong lang
Ako rin. Nagtatanong rin.
Hay buhay 😦

Keep it short stupid.

January 31, 2007

I don’t want to be too emotional for this post. I was able to make one a while ago (6 long paragraphs) but the browser hanged so I thought of it as a sign on not to make a long emo one.

I was in a uber bad mood a while ago… I wanted to graduate already so that I wouldn’t see those classmates of mine anymore. I even wished that one of them would die or encounter an accident. I wanted to forget about every bad thing that has happened to me for the past months. I hated it… this feeling. This stupid mood of mine! And the reason? Of course I knew why! Ano pa ba ang dahilan? But I still kept on wondering why I kept on getting these terrible mood swings. I didn’t know what went wrong. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I didn’t know what wrongdoings I’ve done to deserve this. I really hated the world at that time and once again, I was friends with Mr. Kutsilyo.

When I arrived home, I went bloghopping to remedy my temper. I didn’t know why but I decided to first visit and read my classmate’s blog. Lo and behold… a new post. And with that post I finally realized that the answers to my paranoid questions could just be found inside the Bible or could just be heard in last Sunday’s gospel.

“Love is always patient and kind; it is never jealous; love is never boastful or conceited; it is never rude or selfish; it does not take offence, and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. Love does not come to an end.”

I recalled in our 3rd year retreat, we were also asked to change the “love” to our own names. At that time, I just laughed as I repeated that verse because I thought that it was pretty funny and silly. But just a while ago, as I tried to replace my name once again, I found myself dumbfounded… none of those words really described myself at that moment. I was not love… not even close!

So maybe that’s the reason why this things have been happening to me. I was the opposite of love…hate… therefore I was hated back. Sigh. Yun pala yun. This has been such a huge regret of mine. Well, it’s now very difficult to turn back time…but now, I want to change this attitude. I still have around a month left here in Pisay but I think it’s still not to late to turn a new leaf. Wala lang. I really, really hope that it’s not really late.

So yun lang. Ipinahiwatig ko lang ang isang mahalagang leksyon sa buhay ko. Salamat AJ sa post na iyon.

Kasalanan ko ba na mabagal kayo?

January 28, 2007

Unang plato… wala lang. Mukhang bading o manyak lang ang lalaki. Pangalawang plato ay ginawa dahil nainspire sa series na Princess Tutu. Pangatlong plato, naisip kong maglagay ng ibang tenga kaya nagmukha na syang tupa.

Ayun. Wala na ako sa mood na magreklamo, magwala at magalit ngayon kasi sumaya ako kanina… somehow. Nainis ako kasi nung kahapon, MAGIC! nadelete sa PC ko halos lahat ng mga 356 plates mula January 9-28! Kainis! Buti naman na nandito na yung pang January 28 ko at na-upload ko na sa Flickr ang ibang mga larawan. Hay. Di ko talaga alam kung paano sila nawala. Pero syempre, nung nalaman ko na nawala ang mga larawan na iyon, inisip ko kung nadelete rin yung mga pictures ng crush friends ko. Buti nandun pa… kumpleto. Pero sana talaga nawala yung mga litrato ng crush ko kasi…wala lang. Gusto ko na syang makalimutan kahit papaano. Pero ayaw ko talaga idelete mga yun eh. Sobrang may sentimental value sila… cute rin sya sa mga pics.

Okay. Bangag. Bangag post nga ito. At least mas maganda ang isang bangag post kaysa sa isang emo-suicidal post nanaman. Papakilala ko sana ang bagong best friend ko. Si kutsilyo. Mabait sya. Super talas. Kinis ng balat. Payat. Sharp personality. Shiny…mayaman siguro. Mahilig tumambay sa kusina. Mahilig tumulong sa pagluto. And best of all, kung may kaaway ka, sya na bahala sa taong yun. O di ba! Pwedeng-pwede. Ingatan mo lang sya kundi, magtataksil sya sa iyo. Aray. Masakit yun. Sayang… di sya pwedeng isama sa slumber parties at sa mga gimikan. Maraming natatakot sa kanya. Sayang rin… pwede sana syang personal bodyguard. Pero ngayon, ayoko na sa kanya. Break na kami.

Yun lang ata. Naiinis lang nanaman ako kasi sinayang ko nanaman ang isang pagkakataon. Ger. Bilang na talaga ang mga araw.

New digicam! Yay!

January 27, 2007

My mom asked me to join a raffle by Sky Cable and HBO last December 27. I was too lazy to email Sky Cable at first because I was too busy playing O2 Jam and the newspaper didn’t say what the prize was. I thought that it would just be some gift bags or something. The question was plainly easy… What is the blockbuster hit would be previewed at blah, blah, blah. And of course, the answer was found at the very ad of the newspaper. So I just thought that the prize would just be plain cheap because of that question.

Imagine my surprise when my mom told me last Thursday that we won a digicam. She claimed the prize on the next day. Imagine my higher level of surprise when I found out that it was a Sony DSC-N2! It has the touchscreen feature. You could also edit the pictures on the cam itself and it can do slideshows with music! Wicked cool. And asides from that, we also won a Sony picture printer!

Grabe! I’ve been showered with too much blessings already. First, I found out that I passed the UPCAT and ACET. Next, I have no failing grade for this quarter. Third, the Photoshop CS2 and the new digicam! Oh well. God is really cheering me up with these wonderful gifts! Masyado atang depressed at suicidal ang bata na to. Pagbigyan ko kaya sya ngayon.

I’m also thankful for some of my friends for cheering me up and listening to my problems. Yung iba kasi dyan, nakikita na bad mood na ako, magagalit pa sa akin kasi sinisira ko mood nya at ng kasama nya dahil sa presence ko. Syet. Some friend you are. Mas mahalaga pala ang magpaimpress sa ibang tao kaysa isipin kung anong nangyayari sa kaibigan mo. Akala ko ba I’ll always be there when you need me. Sheesh. Gago. Muntik na. May dala pa naman akong cutter nun. Hahah. Ayun, mas lalo na ako napaiyak. Haller. Ano kaya yan. Napakasuicidal talaga… kundi lang ako natatakot sa dugo eh! (Di ako takot sa dugo, takot lang ako manaksak ng tao) Anyways…

So here are the other Fayrie plates. I was too sleepy to do the Nature one. There were a lot of brushes for the Nature but I couldn’t decide what to use because they don’t really mix-and-match that well together. I also had a hard time with her because her clothes are too complicated that’s why I decided to hide her sides with her hair. I like the Fire one… it’s my favorite photoshopped fayrie but I like original drawing of the Sky.

Wow. Flattered ako. May mga tao pala na nagaappreciate sa mga gawa ko. Di naman ako gumagawa ng mga ganito kasi magaling ako magphotoshop o magdrawing. Haller… di ko nga kaya gumuhit ng matinong paa at kamay at di pantay-pantay ang sukat ng mga katawan na ginagawa ko. At kung magaling nga ako, dapat nag Philippine High School for the Arts na lang ako at nag Fine Arts para sa kolehiyo. Ginagawa ko lang ang “356 Plates” kasi gusto kong ipakita na kaya kong gumawa ng bagay na tuloy-tuloy hanggang sa huli… na kaya kong ipatupad ang mga sinasabi ko (356 na larawan sa isang taon). Gusto kong ipakita na dedicated ako sa mga gawain ko. Gusto kong ipakita na matiyaga rin ako kahit papaano. Haha. So ayun.

At dahil sa katamaran at ang napakafanet na internet connection, ngayon ko lang ipopost ang listahan ng UP Oblation Runners Scholars ng PSHS.

1.Alcantara, Kristine Ray
2. Averilla, Paul Stephen
3. Balabat, Loujane
4. Chan, Katrina
5. David, Rustico
6. De Jesus, Mark Jason
7.Garcia, Virgil Gabriel
8. Gonzales, Kevin
9.Lacsamana, Ian Paulo
10 Lopez, Ben Anthony
11. Macasieb, Juan Antonio
12. Magnaye, Maisie
13. Magno, Jose Pedrito
14. Magtibay, Ryan Joseph
15. Mendoza, Marie Jo-Anne
16. Marfil, Ramon Inigo
17. Miranda, Neil Jon Louie
18. Morado, Katrina Jessica
19. Munar, Johanna
20. Nagpala, Lovely Angelica
21. Reamillo, John Gerald
22. Roque, Rob Brian
23. Sagayaga, Hope
24. Santos, Edrick John
25. Seviila, Mithi
26. Verzosa, Grazielle

Congrats sa inyo!