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Talk about vanity >.>

March 13, 2007

Last Saturday was my birthday. Wee… and therefore that means a new layout is needed. Honestly, I feel uneasy with the new skin because my face is so right there… I found that picture lying around with my other stuff… I was a bit inspired by it because of the candle. It reminds me of birthday candles so I thought of the layout’s theme. Me. Bwuahahahah. Yuck ang vain.

My family and I heard mass at 6:30, ate breakfast at Jollibee and ate lunch at Moomba. Moomba is a Mediterranean bar and resto found in Quezon City which specializes at serving ostriches. Sad to say, I didn’t like the taste of ostrich. I rather eat my birthday cake… and that’s what I did when we arrived at home. I devoured it. I was also surprised at my cake… it had a design of a blue green fairy… really reminds me of our class play.
I had two gifts for myself… one is…

Yay. Finally, Level 99 na sya. I plan to laze around in Midgard a bit more before going to the Valkyrie.

And the second one, since my lola gave me cash as a gift, I plan to buy myself a new place. Sana matuloy talaga. Then after that, I plan to get a life.

That day was a bit sad… True, some were able to greet me but… I dunno. Ever felt that someone greeted you for the sake of saying that “I didn’t forget your birthday so don’t get the hell mad at me” ? Sucky, right? I dunno, daig pa sya ng automated email galing sa mga forums at birthday alarms. Daig pa sya ng mga tao na ngayon ko lang nakilala… mas may paki at mas sincere pa sila. Oh well, why am I expecting much? After all, it’s only someone that takes me for granted. Bahala na… Nakakadepress lang kasi.

Speaking of new people, I joined a Pinoy Otaku forum…

I don’t usually join forums that much asides from the ones made by the people I personally know but I found this one quite interesting. Right now, they’re recruiting members and if anyone is interested, you can just drop by and register. Gogogo, when they reach 250 members, they might possibly make me an admin. Weee.


Last perio…

March 1, 2007
Hay… this week is really such a disappointment.

Well, I did find my long lost Physics and Biology book but I found the Physics book right after the physics perio. Gah. And, I just found out that I got 24 over 40 at the math achievement test and 57% at biology. And, I barely passed the Bio perio… but I did pass math. What’s wrong with me?! I’m totally a mess… and others are complaining how low their scores are but they have scores waaaaay above the passing. >.> Screw…

I already have a deviant art account ( but I plan to do seperate submissions from my 356 plates. So far, my digimon plates are already up in DA and by tomorrow, I can start my DA life and go back blogskinning too. Wee… Stipends are up for my class tomorrow and I plan to buy a Tsubasa bag which costs around 550. >.> Meep. I also hope to fill up my clearance forms by next week. Go me!

Last perio ever tomorrow… chem and econ. I really hope I do well. Good luck batch 07! Last na natin to!

Bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa buhay ko?

February 13, 2007

No, this is not a Valentine’s post. Hehe, whatever. The title refers to isaw. Yes, isaw. And why is that? Last week, when stipends came, I wanted to buy a late lunch before I reached home. I decided to buy goto but since I remembered the last time I bought one didn’t taste that good, I had to settle with lugaw isaw even though I haven’t tasted it yet. Good thing it tasted decent… and as a matter of fact, I liked it so much that I thought of buying again on the next day. So I did. And on the next, next day, I bought one again. And on the next, next, next day, I bought one again. And I thought to buy one almost everyday until the end of the school year. It was just too yummy to resist…^_^

But when Saturday came, I found out that my mom just had her semi-annual medical check-up. She found out that she had high blood pressure… just like my uncle and my lolo. Yes people, autosomal dominant trait in work. Then I became scared… what if I get it too at an early age? As we all know, one of the causes for high blood is salty and fatty food. *ehem* isaw *ehem* Oh well, I was just starting to develop my love for isaw but unfortunately, we cannot be together. Sigh…

My prom dress is out. Eek. I’m not totally happy with it. I look fat in it, I think it’s too ballooney, the beadwork is boring and it’s too plain. Hay, chipipay. Oh well. That’s okay as long as I enjoy the night… that’s what matters. And besides, the gown is pink 😀

And… today’s plates! Yay! I like it so much! I think it’s somewhat identical to the original art. I did this series because the characters of this anime are much easier to draw compared to Tsubasa Chronicles, Full Metal Alchemist, Loveless, Chobits or some other anime. There would be 2 more for the digimon series… Ken and Daisuke(Davis). I don’t think I would be able to do the sempais… too much digimon for me. The 2 ones will be out on February 15 and 16.

That’s it for today! Signing out to eat dinner and watch Asian Treasures on GMA… then I’ll hit the books since tomorrow’s the last day of the achievement tests. Math and English. Ciao!

TO ALL PISAY PEOPLE! SELLING HOPIA FOR 20 PESOS4 PIECES PER PACK. Fresh from Quiapo! Just contact me, Mark Jason, Patrick or Kevin.

New digicam! Yay!

January 27, 2007

My mom asked me to join a raffle by Sky Cable and HBO last December 27. I was too lazy to email Sky Cable at first because I was too busy playing O2 Jam and the newspaper didn’t say what the prize was. I thought that it would just be some gift bags or something. The question was plainly easy… What is the blockbuster hit would be previewed at blah, blah, blah. And of course, the answer was found at the very ad of the newspaper. So I just thought that the prize would just be plain cheap because of that question.

Imagine my surprise when my mom told me last Thursday that we won a digicam. She claimed the prize on the next day. Imagine my higher level of surprise when I found out that it was a Sony DSC-N2! It has the touchscreen feature. You could also edit the pictures on the cam itself and it can do slideshows with music! Wicked cool. And asides from that, we also won a Sony picture printer!

Grabe! I’ve been showered with too much blessings already. First, I found out that I passed the UPCAT and ACET. Next, I have no failing grade for this quarter. Third, the Photoshop CS2 and the new digicam! Oh well. God is really cheering me up with these wonderful gifts! Masyado atang depressed at suicidal ang bata na to. Pagbigyan ko kaya sya ngayon.

I’m also thankful for some of my friends for cheering me up and listening to my problems. Yung iba kasi dyan, nakikita na bad mood na ako, magagalit pa sa akin kasi sinisira ko mood nya at ng kasama nya dahil sa presence ko. Syet. Some friend you are. Mas mahalaga pala ang magpaimpress sa ibang tao kaysa isipin kung anong nangyayari sa kaibigan mo. Akala ko ba I’ll always be there when you need me. Sheesh. Gago. Muntik na. May dala pa naman akong cutter nun. Hahah. Ayun, mas lalo na ako napaiyak. Haller. Ano kaya yan. Napakasuicidal talaga… kundi lang ako natatakot sa dugo eh! (Di ako takot sa dugo, takot lang ako manaksak ng tao) Anyways…

So here are the other Fayrie plates. I was too sleepy to do the Nature one. There were a lot of brushes for the Nature but I couldn’t decide what to use because they don’t really mix-and-match that well together. I also had a hard time with her because her clothes are too complicated that’s why I decided to hide her sides with her hair. I like the Fire one… it’s my favorite photoshopped fayrie but I like original drawing of the Sky.

Wow. Flattered ako. May mga tao pala na nagaappreciate sa mga gawa ko. Di naman ako gumagawa ng mga ganito kasi magaling ako magphotoshop o magdrawing. Haller… di ko nga kaya gumuhit ng matinong paa at kamay at di pantay-pantay ang sukat ng mga katawan na ginagawa ko. At kung magaling nga ako, dapat nag Philippine High School for the Arts na lang ako at nag Fine Arts para sa kolehiyo. Ginagawa ko lang ang “356 Plates” kasi gusto kong ipakita na kaya kong gumawa ng bagay na tuloy-tuloy hanggang sa huli… na kaya kong ipatupad ang mga sinasabi ko (356 na larawan sa isang taon). Gusto kong ipakita na dedicated ako sa mga gawain ko. Gusto kong ipakita na matiyaga rin ako kahit papaano. Haha. So ayun.

At dahil sa katamaran at ang napakafanet na internet connection, ngayon ko lang ipopost ang listahan ng UP Oblation Runners Scholars ng PSHS.

1.Alcantara, Kristine Ray
2. Averilla, Paul Stephen
3. Balabat, Loujane
4. Chan, Katrina
5. David, Rustico
6. De Jesus, Mark Jason
7.Garcia, Virgil Gabriel
8. Gonzales, Kevin
9.Lacsamana, Ian Paulo
10 Lopez, Ben Anthony
11. Macasieb, Juan Antonio
12. Magnaye, Maisie
13. Magno, Jose Pedrito
14. Magtibay, Ryan Joseph
15. Mendoza, Marie Jo-Anne
16. Marfil, Ramon Inigo
17. Miranda, Neil Jon Louie
18. Morado, Katrina Jessica
19. Munar, Johanna
20. Nagpala, Lovely Angelica
21. Reamillo, John Gerald
22. Roque, Rob Brian
23. Sagayaga, Hope
24. Santos, Edrick John
25. Seviila, Mithi
26. Verzosa, Grazielle

Congrats sa inyo!

Project CI86

January 20, 2007

I’ll merge yesterday’s post to today’s post because I really had no topic for the previous one.

Woot! I’m so happy today! …oh yeah, btw, the first plate is a random plate. Kinda reminds me of the prom. Speaking of which, my parents were able to reserve a room for me and my mom at Edsa Shang. It costs P4500 thanks to the group rate (It’s really $180 or roughly P9000). They also told me that I can get another room for me and my friends if I want. However, I doubt that the girls would want to get one due to a lot of expenses. I doubt that I could even get the dress that I like… my mom goes arguing about getting a simple one since I’m just going to use it for one night.

The next plate was just unexpected. It’s just toying around with colors and brushes and I thought, Why not make this a Pisay Series plate? And here it is. PE-ness. Seriously, I’m losing ideas for my future plates already.

Okay, going back. My dad asked me to do a website project that I call Project CI86 for his HS classmates. I gladly agreed to do it though I didn’t know really what I was supposed to do. They would just hand over to me the things and resources and I’ll be doing the dirty work. But it really excited me a lot! At least I would do something productive in my life for a change. And the price that we agreed upon is me moving within next week! Yes! I’m planning to move when my blog turns 2 months old (February 3). I’m already planning and fixing my stuff for it. Be happy for me! Wee! Oh well. Another thing gone from the wishlist. I just can’t contain my excitement! Yay! Yay! Yay!!!

Oh yeah. New layout pala. It’s a navi and a non-navi one! I figured that my sidebar was too messy so I transfered things that would seem useless to others to the navigation section. It’s also my first animated layout courtesy of Image Ready. I wanted my new skin to be something somewhat boring formal for a change. So with a bit of the flower and swirly brushes, this is what came out. This is my seventh skin and possibly my last one for this blog. Ay, may magtatampo pala sa akin kung last ko na ito. There’s going to be a last layout possibly on the 3rd. Too bad, I absolutely loved the animated thingy.

It’s YMSAT this week. The images above were Rubidium o7’s Rubidigoo (Yup, until now, I still have my Rubidigoo) and Magic Squishee for the YMSAT last year. Wala lang. Time sure flies pretty fast. Parang kailan lang na pumupunta kami sa UP para bumili ng mga kung anu-ano para sa rubidigoo na yan… kahit di ko sila kagrupo… heehee. And now, we have this Physics magic trick thing for this year. Haha. Good luck to us.

I’ll end the post here. According to the UPCAT results would be posted on the fourth week of January. Others say that it would still be on February so I’m not keeping my hopes that high for getting the results this week. Oh well.

Gusto ko ng kausap

January 15, 2007

First plate was inspired by second and third year days in Computer Science where we took up C++ and Java programming language. Second plate’s original drawing was supposed to be a prince with a weird sense of fashion but since I was too lazy to color in the details, the end result looked like he was a guy in rags or something. Third plate, according to Tin P, was emo. Nah. She’s just heart broken. I was too lazy to clean the drawing so it looks a bit messy. But I like the drawing a lot. Really matches my emotions… and it’s purple!

Ngayon, nagkakram ako ng Science and Technology Research poster para sa Youth Math, Science and Technology Week para sa susunod na linggo (Yak, pinahaba pa… pwede naman STR or YMSAT)

Anyways, emo raw ako ngayon. Sus. Bakit ngayon lang nila napapansin? Hahah, baka kasi labasan na ng grades. Syet, sobra ang binaba ko this quarter. Chemistry, Math, COM SCI. BAKIT?! Ganun ba ako kabano mag Java Script. Cmon. Nakakaiyak naman. Di ko nga alam kung paano ko ipapaliwanag sa mga magulang ko ang nangyayari na buhay ko. Wala naman akong bagsak ngayon 4th year pero pababa ng pababa naman mga marka ko. Ayoko na… gusto ko na matapos ang lahat para wala na akong problema sa buhay.

Hay nako. Buhay… parang life.

Nakabili na ako ng CD ng Dekada 70. Papanoorin ko bukas para matapos ko na ang papel na yan… kahit sa Pebrero pa siya kailangan ipasa. Grabe, 2 buwan na lang ang natitira at isa na akong gradyuweyt. Wala lang. Ayoko pa matapos ang lahat. At syempre, kinontra ko nanaman ang sarili ko.

Binasa ko ang mga nakaraan kong mga blog entries. Aayusin ko lang para sa iba… di ako galit o naiinis sa pangkat ko. Sinasabi ko dati na ayaw ko sa pangkat ko ngunit nung pinag-isipan ko talaga ito, naisip ko na wala naman akong kagalit sa kanila. Oo nga na naiilang ako sa iba sa kanila kasi mga grade-conscious o kaya’t seryoso o kaya’t sobrang pasaway o mga may sari-sarili silang mga mundo pero hanggang doon lang. Parang wala kasi akong ibang masisi kundi sila kung bakit ako nagkakaganito ngayon. Dinadamay ko lang sila kahit ang utak kong sira ang nag-iisip ng kung anu-ano tungkol sa kanila. Hay nako. Ayoko na talaga. Wala na akong makausap tungkol dito… kahit gusto kong may makalaman tungkol sa mga problema ko sa buhay. Nakakasama raw sa isang tao kung tinatago lang ang mga problema. Pero wala eh. Walang makakaintindi kung bakit ako ganito, ganyan at ganoon. Gusto ko ng kausap pero lahat sila abala sa mga mas mahahalagang gawain tulad nga ng STR.

Hay nako. Drama. Drama. Drama.

Sige na nga at titigil na ako dito. Nagiging pasaway na kagrupo nanaman ako O.O

Oo nga pala! Ang 356 plates ay may Flickr account ngayon. Dalawin nyo ang proyektong 356 plates at magcomment rin kayo! Pero ilalagay ko pa rin dito sa aking blog ang mga bagong gawang larawan bago ko i-upload sa Flickr ko. Yun lang po. Salamat ^_^

Good things come to an end

January 2, 2007

Yes people! I have a new skin! So it’s my first time to use a navi-type skin for this blog so I’ll be disabling the “Previous layout” for a moment while I look for (or make) a new skin. I got a new layout because of japboy’s comments. I really didn’t know what my blog looked like in a 1280×800 browser until yesterday when I checked out my blog in my friend’s PC. It really looked ugly! So here’s the skin that made me super happy in Blogskins since it was able to reach the 4th spot at the Top 15 rated. Though it lasted on the charts for roughly 3 days, it gave me a sense of satisfaction. With that, I’ll be taking a short break (or is that hiatus) from BS for a while.

I think that I’ll also be going on a hiatus from blogging too. Tomorrow, my blog would be one-month old! (Happy birthmonth to you…) But asides from that, I would be going back to school on the same day. So I have to welcome back Calculus (Integrals na ata), Econ (more GNP, GDP), Biology, Chemistry, Physics (flux!!), English (must reread Les Miserables), Filipino (ahahahahahah~), CAT, Viscomm and more stuff. It’s sad but good things really have to come to an end. I haven’t started on my palancas for the retreat yet!!! OMG. Come to think of it, I haven’t done anything productive for this break! Oh well…

So yesterday, the whole world celebrated the coming of the new year. My family went to Paranaque for the New Year’s Eve party. There, I met old friends and neighbors… They seemed to be surprised in seeing my brother who has grown a lot taller so some of them failed to recognize him at a glance.

After eating and watching the fireworks at the party, I went to my neighbor’s house to use their computer. What a way to spend New Year. Shortly after, we went back to my lola’s house to go to sleep (We decided that it was a hastle to go back to QC so we decided to sleep over at my lola’s house). I was the first one to fall asleep that’s why I was surprised when I woke up. As I sat up on my lola’s bed, I saw people asleep on the floor. Cmon. The house has 5 bedrooms but we were all jammed in my lola’s bedroom. Wahahah. Nahiya talaga ako… solo ko yung bed. Pero wala talaga akong magawa at silang lahat ay tulog kaya natulog ulit ako.

I woke up again at 9:45. We ate breakfast and attended mass. After that, we went to SM Sucat and had a studio pic. Wahahah.

Then we ate at Pizza Hut. I personally don’t like their BBQ ribs pizza. It’s too sweet for me but I still enjoyed the rest of the meal. After that, we went home, had siesta, watched tv and finally bade goodbye. We went to Cafe Breton at Tomas Morato to eat dinner (mmm! love their crepes!) then went home.

Oh well. So this is the first official post of the year and the last official post for the Christmas break. I’m not sure if I’ll still be able to visit other people’s blogs or post blog entries that often after the next few days so I’ll just say that I’ll miss you guys! Wahahah. I really enjoyed my online life (if that’s what you call it). I’ve met a lot of cool and nice people and I’ve learned more about the blogging community here in the Philippines. Ang saya pala. Wahahah. Blogging has somewhat made me feel… uhm… special I guess. After winning the FBOTW, I realized that some people out there really reads what I have to say and that I also have something interesting to read about people whom I haven’t really met personally. This Christmas break made me somewhat fulfilled. So ayun, I guess I’ll see you guys around. This was totally a blast! 🙂


December 30, 2006

I hate it when I begin a post. I make an introduction, then I delete it. Then I write another statement, then I delete it again. And another one, and so forth.

Yesterday, my family and I went to UP campus for the usual annual get-together with my parents’ “brods”. They consisted of my parents’ friends back when they were still in college taking up ROTC. Some of them were also the ninongs and ninangs of me and my brother (*hint, hint*).

We arrived pretty early at the military ed. area. I thought that the place had shrunk. The last time I remembered having a get-together at that place was back when I was still in Grade 4 so my perspective of that area must’ve changed after so many years.

So we ate lunch (mmm…), had some chitchat, gave away gifts, received some gifts and said goodbye. End of story.

My dad and my brother went to Antipolo for a family reunion of his side of the family. My mom and I went to SM to buy some things because the mall had a year end sale. YAY! I finally have new rubber shoes! Binyagan na! I also bought a few posters at Comic Alley. They were originally priced at 20 pesos but they were now sold for 10 pesos. Problem with that now is that I don’t know where to place them in the house. I’m thinking of giving them away but I don’t know any die-hard fan of Tsubasa Chronicles 😦 And asides from Comic Alley, I spotted plushies on sale at the gift factory. OMG. You should’ve seen the number of Hello Kitty plushies! It reminded me on the time when I was an avid collector of Hello Kitty items back in grade school. Nakakamiss!

So after that, I bought my Dekada 70 book (bakit ngayon lang ha!), bought more stuff, ate dinner at Tokyo Tokyo and went home. We finally assembled our new computer table (all we have to do is place the computer on it) and I went online shortly after. I attended the last mass in Ragnarok which makes me entitled to the Angel’s Blessing to be claimed tonight! Yay!

And guess what I saw later on the net!

OMG. I can’t believe it! Seventh? Thank you God! I’ve always wanted to be at the Top Rated in blogskins! When I left going to UP, this blogskin had 16 comments! Now when I came back, it was raised to 34! OMG. OMG. OMG.

God has been giving me a lot graces since yesterday (I know God gives me graces every single day of my life but… uhm… basta). Thanks Lord for the gifts I’ve received from my parents’ friends! Thanks for making me in the Top 15 rated! Thanks for my mom’s treats yesterday! Thanks also for the gift I received from my dad’s relatives even though I don’t know (and haven’t met) some of them! Thanks for making tonight free so I can claim my prize in Ragnarok! Thanks for letting me win in the Filipino Blog of the Week! Thanks for everything!

This weekend is just a fairly happy one. There is just one thing missing.


Fourth place! Woah!

This is as of January 1, 2007! So that means


New year. New beginnings.

Random thoughts

December 27, 2006

WARNING: Some graphic images are not suitable for young (and old) audiences. Viewer’s discretion is advised. You have been warned. This post is about a few random stuff that has happened in the past few days.

First of all, I’ve submitted 2 new skins to blogskins! Actually, I’ve submitted the first one a day ago and i plan to submit the other one during peak hours tomorrow. This is the one I’m going to submit tomorrow. It’s pretty simple actually… If you want to use or try the layout, you can tag me for the URL of the code.
Next is that I want to thank everyone who has voted for me in the Filipino Blog of the Week. I’m so glad to be in the lead! I never expected it! 🙂 I hope that you guys would continue to support me! I forgot to mention to thank Misyel too for indirectly introducing the FBOTW to me. I first encountered it when I visited her blog and it was nominated for Week 34. Wala lang. Share ko lang.
I also want to share two tests I’ve taken.

Testriffic IQ test

Wahah. Seryoso ba ito? I recalled having the “Quick Dirty IQ Test” in blogthings and I ended up having an IQ of 100. Layo no? Oh well. I rock 😛 Wahah. Joke lang.

What mental disorder do you have?

Your Result: Manic Depressive

You have extreme cycles of highs and lows. Sometimes you feel like you don’t know who you are. One week you could be very hyper and happy and the next week you are slow and depressed.

GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)


What mental disorder do you have?

Why am I not surprised to see this? Well, I am surprised to see that I’m more OC than paranoid but that is all. So, okay. That was a complete waste of space.

Another update in my blog is the addition of the “Previous Layouts” section. It’s still under testing so I won’t say first how it goes. It’s located somewhere in my blog if you happen to be interested in looking for it. I’d like to thank fallenSOUL or isolation-d for this feature. I’ve learned a lot about CSS now, thanks to him! Visit his blogskins at I’ve already mentioned the URL of his blog.

Lastly, WE CAUGHT A RAT! Yes! Finally! After many weeks of watching them run sneakily aroung the house, the flytrap managed to get a small one.

I just feel bad that we had to murder the little critter. Well, I don’t feel bad but I feel disgusted on how we killed it. I’ll end this post with a picture on how the rat said its farewells.

Yes folks, the horrid truth. Oh well, good night to all. If you’d notice the time, it’s around 2:40 in the EARLY morning. TWO DAYS BEFORE 2007!


Christmas Post

December 25, 2006


For Noche Buena, we ate at a Chinese Resto at Tomas Morato. Due to excessive consumption of food from the previous meal, we didn’t have the stomach to eat much so we asked them to wrap the food instead to go. The food was great though we thought it would be best to eat it at an empty stomach so that we could savor the taste well.

I won’t share what happened at home but here are two pics to give a small idea.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Weeeh! Cute stuffed toy. My guess was nearly true but I’m not that happy about it. I just find it weird for parents to give their teenage daughters incredibly cute and cuddly teddy bears. Shouldn’t their boy friends be the one giving those? Ahahah. I still have no name for her… it’s actually a boy as stated by its tag (A male purple teddy bear? I don’t like the idea). It’s name is really Bernie but I’m not really feeling it. Any suggestions?

So on the following day, my dad, bro and I went to Bulacan to visit my dad’s family. My mom couldn’t go since she still has work tonight. Not everyone was there in our grandparent’s house since they would be going on the 31st. We ate lunch there (Karekare still owns!) and had a chat with relatives. I got some hour’s nap and snazzy kikay-ish gifts there. Yay! We went home on 4:30 PM.

And here I am right now, finishing my post and waiting for dindin.

And I just want to proudly announce that my blog was nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week! I found out about it after I finished sending my “Merry Christmas Tags” to most of the people on my links section this morning. I came back to look at my blog to check if may new layout was fine or if anyone tagged (I didn’t expect any though. Cmon. It was 8 o’clock AM at that time. People are sure to be still asleep.) Then I found out I was nominated for the FBW! OMG. I never expected to be included in the nominees! I don’t really write well and I just blog to take note on what has happened on a particular day. I don’t write nice poems/songs/stories or share any breathtaking opinions about controversial topics or anything that much interesting. Mmm, he must’ve just liked the layout… ^^ I do write like a whinny schoolgirl after all.

Anyways, I’m just flattered and honored. I really think that being included as one of the nominees is a big thing. Winning it would probably be like getting your skin as an SOTD in blogskins. Hahah.

So, If you enjoy reading my posts, like my layout or just like me (wahah), vote quiesentimental at (the poll at the left navigation) or you can just vote at this blog below the tagboard.

Thank you all! Thanks to talksmart too for deciding to include me for this week!

Have a blessed Christmas to you all!

Let us not forget that today is the birth of the Lord. Give thanks to Him for this wonderful day. So I’d like to thank God for all my gifts, me and my loved ones still alive and well, my remaining sanity (next post! abangan), me being nominated and everything else. God bless to all!