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New digicam! Yay!

January 27, 2007

My mom asked me to join a raffle by Sky Cable and HBO last December 27. I was too lazy to email Sky Cable at first because I was too busy playing O2 Jam and the newspaper didn’t say what the prize was. I thought that it would just be some gift bags or something. The question was plainly easy… What is the blockbuster hit would be previewed at blah, blah, blah. And of course, the answer was found at the very ad of the newspaper. So I just thought that the prize would just be plain cheap because of that question.

Imagine my surprise when my mom told me last Thursday that we won a digicam. She claimed the prize on the next day. Imagine my higher level of surprise when I found out that it was a Sony DSC-N2! It has the touchscreen feature. You could also edit the pictures on the cam itself and it can do slideshows with music! Wicked cool. And asides from that, we also won a Sony picture printer!

Grabe! I’ve been showered with too much blessings already. First, I found out that I passed the UPCAT and ACET. Next, I have no failing grade for this quarter. Third, the Photoshop CS2 and the new digicam! Oh well. God is really cheering me up with these wonderful gifts! Masyado atang depressed at suicidal ang bata na to. Pagbigyan ko kaya sya ngayon.

I’m also thankful for some of my friends for cheering me up and listening to my problems. Yung iba kasi dyan, nakikita na bad mood na ako, magagalit pa sa akin kasi sinisira ko mood nya at ng kasama nya dahil sa presence ko. Syet. Some friend you are. Mas mahalaga pala ang magpaimpress sa ibang tao kaysa isipin kung anong nangyayari sa kaibigan mo. Akala ko ba I’ll always be there when you need me. Sheesh. Gago. Muntik na. May dala pa naman akong cutter nun. Hahah. Ayun, mas lalo na ako napaiyak. Haller. Ano kaya yan. Napakasuicidal talaga… kundi lang ako natatakot sa dugo eh! (Di ako takot sa dugo, takot lang ako manaksak ng tao) Anyways…

So here are the other Fayrie plates. I was too sleepy to do the Nature one. There were a lot of brushes for the Nature but I couldn’t decide what to use because they don’t really mix-and-match that well together. I also had a hard time with her because her clothes are too complicated that’s why I decided to hide her sides with her hair. I like the Fire one… it’s my favorite photoshopped fayrie but I like original drawing of the Sky.

Wow. Flattered ako. May mga tao pala na nagaappreciate sa mga gawa ko. Di naman ako gumagawa ng mga ganito kasi magaling ako magphotoshop o magdrawing. Haller… di ko nga kaya gumuhit ng matinong paa at kamay at di pantay-pantay ang sukat ng mga katawan na ginagawa ko. At kung magaling nga ako, dapat nag Philippine High School for the Arts na lang ako at nag Fine Arts para sa kolehiyo. Ginagawa ko lang ang “356 Plates” kasi gusto kong ipakita na kaya kong gumawa ng bagay na tuloy-tuloy hanggang sa huli… na kaya kong ipatupad ang mga sinasabi ko (356 na larawan sa isang taon). Gusto kong ipakita na dedicated ako sa mga gawain ko. Gusto kong ipakita na matiyaga rin ako kahit papaano. Haha. So ayun.

At dahil sa katamaran at ang napakafanet na internet connection, ngayon ko lang ipopost ang listahan ng UP Oblation Runners Scholars ng PSHS.

1.Alcantara, Kristine Ray
2. Averilla, Paul Stephen
3. Balabat, Loujane
4. Chan, Katrina
5. David, Rustico
6. De Jesus, Mark Jason
7.Garcia, Virgil Gabriel
8. Gonzales, Kevin
9.Lacsamana, Ian Paulo
10 Lopez, Ben Anthony
11. Macasieb, Juan Antonio
12. Magnaye, Maisie
13. Magno, Jose Pedrito
14. Magtibay, Ryan Joseph
15. Mendoza, Marie Jo-Anne
16. Marfil, Ramon Inigo
17. Miranda, Neil Jon Louie
18. Morado, Katrina Jessica
19. Munar, Johanna
20. Nagpala, Lovely Angelica
21. Reamillo, John Gerald
22. Roque, Rob Brian
23. Sagayaga, Hope
24. Santos, Edrick John
25. Seviila, Mithi
26. Verzosa, Grazielle

Congrats sa inyo!



January 22, 2007

STUDENT NO. 2007-46476

When the results of the UPCAT came out online yesterday at 12 midnight, a handful of my batchmates were already looking at them, searching their names first, then their friends, and then their fellow batchmates who they thought would be Oblation Scholars. I passed at my first choice- BS ECE. I asked Gihan to ask her mom to look at my results.

However, I really wanted to find out for myself if I did pass… that’s why after classes, a few of my classmates went to the Palma Hall Annex to look at the results despite the rumors that there was a frat war going on (Luckily, there wasn’t any). Sure enough, I passed. Haha. I have a sure future na. We also counted how many of our batchmates were Oblation Scholars (Congrats to the 25 who made it! ) and those who passed INTARMED (I don’t have the exact number). I’ll post the list as soon as I have it. [EDIT: 26 pala sa Oblation. 34 sa Intarmed]

Now here’s a problem. Ateneo or UP?? (Ayoko na sa MAPUA. Sira ulo talaga ako nung pinili ko yung course ko…Triple degree course?! mamamatay ako dun) I really want to take up BS-CS in Ateneo. I also like to take ECE but I always have this strange and weird feeling that I won’t be able to handle the course. I’m thinking of shifting after a year in ECE to CS but others say that only school delinquents shift courses because they don’t know what to do in life. Ganun ba yun? Fine, I really don’t know what to do in the future. Oh well, I still have time to decide what I really want.
Well, I’m really happy for myself and for others who did make it. But somehow I felt sad too… Ewan ko nga lang… nagbreak down lang ako kaninang umaga. (Hay, nanaman?! Ano kaya mangyayari sa akin sa graduation) I think I just don’t like the thought that we’re going on separate ways. Hay. Inevitable naman talaga sya… pero… Wala lang. Pisay is such a big influence in my life. It would just be hard to let go. Haha. Ano ba yan! Magdradrama nanaman ba ako?

Oh well. Ganun talaga. OKAY! DOST naman! Kahit April pa sya, excited na ako! ^_^

Thanks talaga Lord. This has been such a great blessing!

Digimon Skin! Yay!

January 8, 2007

I have a new layout due to the fact that some people can’t see my entries and a few of them tag back. Hahah. This is my 6th blogspot skin… it looks like that I change my layout/skin every week! This is a Digimon non-navigation layout, image courtesy of meru-chan (deviant art site stated at the credits). I edited the image with a bit of vector, calculus and C++ (programming language) brushes. This skin was the fastest one Ive ever made… the image was made under 10 minutes or so but the coding took me 20-30 minutes to edit. I love the image a lot… it consists of the “goggle-boys” who are leaders/main characters of each Digimon Series…. Taichi (Digimon Adventure), Daisuke (Digimon Adventure 02), Takato (Digimon Tamers) and Takuya (Digimon Frontier) even though I partly watched Digimon Frontier (Takuya). It really reminds me of my childhood when I was obsessed with Digimon… the series, movies, books, plushies, shirts, midis/mp3s, stickers, figurines, assembled toys, trading cards, playstation games… everything! Until now, I still try to get in touch with my childhood memories. Wala lang. Happy sya ๐Ÿ™‚

Today (or yesterday, since I’m writing already at Tuesday) was a regular Monday. Flagcem, English, Math, Bio, ComSci, Homeroom, Physics, Uber Early Disimissal.

It was already a day after the retreat but I could sense that the batch still had a “hangover” from what has happened over the weekend. During flag cem and when we were at homeroom class (maam edulan wasn’t around), some of my classmates were dancing to songs from the retreat.

After classes, the best noypi group ever in Photon (haha XP) had a meeting for the board game which would be due on Friday. Marie and I first bought stuff in National Book Store with Jamie and Eunice. When we came back, we started working and barely made progress. Hahah. I hope we make a good one on time.

And also I found out that I passed the Ateneo Entrance Exams! Yipee! Visit their site at for the results. I was able to get my first choice which was BS Computer Science. So that means that my score was at the top 15% of the accepted examinees. Wahahah. Good thing for Jo! She was able to be an Ateneo Freshman Merit Scholar! Woot! I’m so proud of her! But too bad that I didn’t apply for a scholarship… the tuition is just too high! That just means that I have to wait for the UPCAT and DOST results. Honestly, I just took the exam for “bragging rights”. I really wanna study at UP. Pero sosyal pakinggan na nakapasa ka sa Ateneo. Okay rin yung Mapua… sounds nice to hear that I passed an entrance test for a triple degree course. I didn’t take UST because I had no plans on going to a med school. I also don’t like to take exams for schools abroad. I don’t want to leave the Philippines. Wahah.

So this ends the post. I still have to edit the previous temporary post tomorrow/ tonight. Ciao.

Name and Image-Ready

December 11, 2006
In the past 15 years in my life, I never really encountered people with the same name as I do. I’m sure I’ve heard of some actresses who had a similar name as I did (actually I got my name from a Denise from the Cosby show) but that was it. I rarely see or meet people with that name and I don’t even see my name much in raffle winners and movie credits! Well, I found nothing wrong with that. I don’t like people knowing 2 Denises after all. And I’m even irritated that my former classmates used to tease me as “taong lobo” because my name’s similar to Dennis from Ghostfighter.

When I was young, I was joked that I was going to be a drunkard someday since my name means “Goddess of Wine”. My name is actually based from Dionysius, the god of wine. I figured that out through our first quarter book in English for this school year–“Mythology” by Edith Hamilton. Dionysius drove people mad or frenzied by making them too much drunk with wine. Maybe I’m pretty similar with that guy god. I love to drive people insane.

I was inspired to do this post because I finally learned how Adobe ImageReady! It’s a program that makes animated gifs with a bit help from Photoshop. Here’s the first one I’ve ever made.

Haha. Kakaaliw sya. And how does this relate to my name? Duh. Ayun oh. Pangalan ko ang nakasulat. ๐Ÿ˜›

Asides from that, I’ve obviously had a lot of time to kill so I found myself bloghopping. I stumbled to 3 blogs with authors who had the same name as I did. I found them linked to one another that’s why I felt strangely amused with the thought. One of Denises gave a link to an ImageReady tutorial. I really thank her for putting that up. I hope that she doesn’t mind me putting up her link so that I can get back to the tutorial anytime. AND SHE HAS A HIKARU UTADA SONG! I wanted to put up the same song (Hikari) in my site but I couldn’t find the URL for that song. I have the midi in my computer though…

So, that’s it for my shortest post so far. Time to bloghop more! Kudos! ^^

PS. Long overdue announcement…

“Congratulations!You passed the entrance examination for BIOTECHNOLOGY/CHE/CHM.Should you desire to pursue your application for admission, please report to the Admissions Office for the payment of reservation fee (1,000 PhP, non-refundable). Please make your payment on or before April 12, 2007. Wednesday, April 25, 2007
–>Your exam score also qualifies you to enroll in the following degree program(s):

This is from the Mapua Website. Try nyo Batch No. 503 Application No. 05


The long weekend

December 3, 2006

I just came from the DOST-SEI Scholarship Exam in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in Taguig. Gah. It was *really* like an IQ Test. I didn’t encounter the usual Math, Science and English Exams so the time that I wasted “studying” wasn’t really worth it.

I woke up 4:30 am and got up 5:00. All the while my dad thought that I was having my exam in PUP Manila. I tried convincing him a few days ago that it was in Taguig but he insisted that the guys from DOST made a mistake. Finally, my mom decided to check it out and they saw that it was really in Taguig. So they had to quickly search for a map of Taguig since it was already 6:00 am. Then we took a taxi going there and luckily it was early morning so there was obviously no traffic and we got there minutes after 6:30. Wow. That was really quick. But I still hate it. Why do I have to take my exams in Taguig when I live all the way up in Quezon City? Why can’t we all just take the test in Pisay?

Unlike the exams I took in UP, Ateneo and Pisay, there was only one place for the exam so the place wasn’t too jammed. When I reached the gymnasium, I saw a lot of Pisay people like Sam, Rayray, Ramdass, Maisie, Liean, Mia, Joriel, Carla, Erika, Hannah, Nico. The exam started around 7:40-something.

I really didn’t expect the exam to be very different. Well, yes, I was introduced to IQ tests but I never encountered memory tests except for the time I took the entrance test at St. Scho… but that was 4 years ago! The test went fine and until now, I still memorize stuff like…

Section-Button, Paper-Zigzag, Needle-Period, Rectangle-Marker, Diamond-Pencil, Square-Thimble, Zipper-Cylinder, Clip-Plane … and that there were 10 students in the classroom and 6 were girls and 4 were boys. The teacher was a girl and pointed to a square, a rectangle and a circle. Also at the board, there was a house, plane and elephant. Written on the top of the board were the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff.

I also didn’t encounter tests like the motorsensor-chuva, inspection and linguistic. The linguistic part was fun! They gave you a hypothetical language to learn. It was like learning a new language. After I did that part, I tried to review it and I then thought “Wow Denise… did you really understand these things?!”.

Oh well. The results will be released on April 2007. I hope I pass… It will really help my parents if I get it. Besides, they said that they’ll give me DSL if I do get it!

Going back on the topic of the long weekend. Thank God that the typhoon missed Metro Manila. Maybe I should also thank Bonifacio. Belated happy birthday! Call me strange but I really hoped that there were classes last Thursday. I wanted to do the STR quarterly report so that I would get over it already. I also wanted to pass my Viscomm plate too because this was the only day that I could pass a plate early. ^^

Last Friday, I went to SM North with my brother with his classmates. They went to buy zeny in Ragnarok. They really didn’t know where Netopia was exactly that’s why they invited me to come along. Before the seller came, we played DOTA. Pathetic… I always get killed. Even though it was my fourth time to play the game, I still feel degraded. Asides from getting massacred, a kid was behind me and giving me instructions on how to play. Sheesh! He just kept on talking and scolding me for being a pathetic player. Oh how I wish Netopia would prohibit bystanders. Ahaha. But I had a lot of fun playing. ^^

It’s 3rd quarter exams this week. How time travels fast! I hope I can do well… After that, I’ll start my Christmas shopping. Yay!