Hiatus mode.

Well maybe it’s too late to declare this but I’m currently on a hiatus due to the clearance week and due to my boredom—meaning, my life is dull and I’m boring. I might be back blogging next week so keep those tags coming up. 😛 weh.

So anyways, I somehow managed to catch up with my plates.
The ones from March 1-4 are inspired by our English play. We did William Shakespear’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and I played a fairy. >.>

The March 5 plate is due to my excessive obsession over creating anime eyes.

The March 6 one is a gijinka… or a human version of Gatomon from Digimon. Yayness. I love Gatomon :D. I’m planning to do gijinkas for the rest of the digidestined digimon but I decided to do it some other time.

The March 7 plate is inspired by a short book I read entitled “Hope for the Flowers”. AJ told me that it was a nice book so I decided to read it… my brother has one due to school requirements. Cmon, do you expect him to read if it isn’t for school. 😛 So anyways, the plate is my gijinka version of Yellow, a caterpillar who becomes a butterfly. Duh.

And finally, the latest plate is… um… it’s a drawing of my classmate. Guess who… duh. The background really looks wrong. Seriously, just look what the girl on the left is touching. *shudders* I really didn’t mean to do it but lookie.

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