Last perio…

Hay… this week is really such a disappointment.

Well, I did find my long lost Physics and Biology book but I found the Physics book right after the physics perio. Gah. And, I just found out that I got 24 over 40 at the math achievement test and 57% at biology. And, I barely passed the Bio perio… but I did pass math. What’s wrong with me?! I’m totally a mess… and others are complaining how low their scores are but they have scores waaaaay above the passing. >.> Screw…

I already have a deviant art account ( but I plan to do seperate submissions from my 356 plates. So far, my digimon plates are already up in DA and by tomorrow, I can start my DA life and go back blogskinning too. Wee… Stipends are up for my class tomorrow and I plan to buy a Tsubasa bag which costs around 550. >.> Meep. I also hope to fill up my clearance forms by next week. Go me!

Last perio ever tomorrow… chem and econ. I really hope I do well. Good luck batch 07! Last na natin to!

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