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March 28, 2007

I’ve moved to a new domain….

 Actually, to begin with… this WP account is not my official blog 😛


Talk about vanity >.>

March 13, 2007

Last Saturday was my birthday. Wee… and therefore that means a new layout is needed. Honestly, I feel uneasy with the new skin because my face is so right there… I found that picture lying around with my other stuff… I was a bit inspired by it because of the candle. It reminds me of birthday candles so I thought of the layout’s theme. Me. Bwuahahahah. Yuck ang vain.

My family and I heard mass at 6:30, ate breakfast at Jollibee and ate lunch at Moomba. Moomba is a Mediterranean bar and resto found in Quezon City which specializes at serving ostriches. Sad to say, I didn’t like the taste of ostrich. I rather eat my birthday cake… and that’s what I did when we arrived at home. I devoured it. I was also surprised at my cake… it had a design of a blue green fairy… really reminds me of our class play.
I had two gifts for myself… one is…

Yay. Finally, Level 99 na sya. I plan to laze around in Midgard a bit more before going to the Valkyrie.

And the second one, since my lola gave me cash as a gift, I plan to buy myself a new place. Sana matuloy talaga. Then after that, I plan to get a life.

That day was a bit sad… True, some were able to greet me but… I dunno. Ever felt that someone greeted you for the sake of saying that “I didn’t forget your birthday so don’t get the hell mad at me” ? Sucky, right? I dunno, daig pa sya ng automated email galing sa mga forums at birthday alarms. Daig pa sya ng mga tao na ngayon ko lang nakilala… mas may paki at mas sincere pa sila. Oh well, why am I expecting much? After all, it’s only someone that takes me for granted. Bahala na… Nakakadepress lang kasi.

Speaking of new people, I joined a Pinoy Otaku forum…

I don’t usually join forums that much asides from the ones made by the people I personally know but I found this one quite interesting. Right now, they’re recruiting members and if anyone is interested, you can just drop by and register. Gogogo, when they reach 250 members, they might possibly make me an admin. Weee.

Ouran High School Host Club

March 13, 2007

March 9 plate… from my elective class.

Summary from Wikipedia

Ouran High School Host Club is a story that takes place primarily at Ouran High School. The school is an exclusive institution reserved only for students from incredibly wealthy families. One exception is scholarship student Haruhi Fujioka, a young girl from a lower-middle class family who has a ‘low threshold for gender identity’. Because of this, Haruhi resorts to wearing long slacks, polo shirts and a vest that resembles the male student’s uniform. Therefore, upon entering school, she was at first taken as a male student.

One day, she begins to search through the vast campus for a quiet place to study since the libraries are filled with gossiping students. Her search takes her to the technically unused Third Music Room where she stumbles upon the Host Club- a group of six attractive male students who spend their time charming and entertaining the school’s girls for profit. During their first meeting, Haruhi is shocked at their behavior which causes her to accidentally knock over a very expensive vase valued at ¥8,000,000. This causes Haruhi to contract a massive debt with the Host Club. In order to pay off the large sum, she is employed as the club’s “dog” and is constantly ordered to do menial tasks for the members, such as serving food or cleaning up.

Once the club president, Tamaki Suou, sees “him” without “his” glasses, Haruhi is promoted to be one of the hosts of the club as a way to pay off “his” huge debt. The other club members soon discover that Haruhi is a female, but since she is already accepted by the club’s customers and became one of the main attractions of the club, Haruhi is allowed, and continues to be forced to stay until she has accumulated a total of 100 (which later grows to 1,000) customers, at which time her debt would be considered paid in full.

I was able to watch the first 20 episodes last March 7 thanks to JC, Kit and Tin. Kit told me that the series would be something that I really would love… and he was absolutely right. *squeels at Hikaru and Kaoru* He really knows that I can’t resist shounen-ai pairings. And I can’t also resist shotacon characters. I can’t wait till Kit lends me the last 6 episodes… I wanna see how it turns out. I watched the 20 episodes in one day that’s why my head hurt so much on the following day.

The series is so nice and fun to watch. There are so many hilarious and funny scenes especially when they try to contrast the lives of wealthy and average people. The writers are so much witty and original that I really ought to give them a 2 thumbs up. I really have to say that it’s a job well done in making the characters because they really act so charming and beautiful– just like what a host is supposed to be. Because of that, I also tend to squeel and go nuts like the school girls in the series. Teehee >.

Hiatus mode.

March 9, 2007

Well maybe it’s too late to declare this but I’m currently on a hiatus due to the clearance week and due to my boredom—meaning, my life is dull and I’m boring. I might be back blogging next week so keep those tags coming up. 😛 weh.

So anyways, I somehow managed to catch up with my plates.
The ones from March 1-4 are inspired by our English play. We did William Shakespear’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and I played a fairy. >.>

The March 5 plate is due to my excessive obsession over creating anime eyes.

The March 6 one is a gijinka… or a human version of Gatomon from Digimon. Yayness. I love Gatomon :D. I’m planning to do gijinkas for the rest of the digidestined digimon but I decided to do it some other time.

The March 7 plate is inspired by a short book I read entitled “Hope for the Flowers”. AJ told me that it was a nice book so I decided to read it… my brother has one due to school requirements. Cmon, do you expect him to read if it isn’t for school. 😛 So anyways, the plate is my gijinka version of Yellow, a caterpillar who becomes a butterfly. Duh.

And finally, the latest plate is… um… it’s a drawing of my classmate. Guess who… duh. The background really looks wrong. Seriously, just look what the girl on the left is touching. *shudders* I really didn’t mean to do it but lookie.

Belated Happy 3rd Month Blog

March 7, 2007

Well exams are finally over. I kinda felt sad because it was our last one ever for the whole high school. I felt even sadder because later on I found out that I’ve failed on most of them. I’m even worried about my grades… So far I found out that I went two steps down in Filipino [from 1.25 to 1.75] and one step down in Chemistry [from 2.00 to 2.25].

Ever believe in karma? I do… If you remember in my previous post, I loved isaw too late due to my family’s hereditary problem in high blood pressure. Well basically, we were sorta forbidden from eating anything high in cholesterol… Fats, chicken skin, laman loob, squid, shellfish… Then I decided to sneak out and be a little disobedient brat and bought lugaw isaw from a lugawan on the next block. As I was eating in front of the computer, I accidentally spilled lugaw on the keyboard. Now, the numbers, some function keys, delete, home, end, page up, page down, ctrl and alt buttons do not work [Thank goodness for num lock and an extra set of ctrl and alt]. So now… it’s terribly sad. My keyboard is so deffective. Moral lesson: Listen to your parents… they know what’s good for you.

Last perio…

March 1, 2007
Hay… this week is really such a disappointment.

Well, I did find my long lost Physics and Biology book but I found the Physics book right after the physics perio. Gah. And, I just found out that I got 24 over 40 at the math achievement test and 57% at biology. And, I barely passed the Bio perio… but I did pass math. What’s wrong with me?! I’m totally a mess… and others are complaining how low their scores are but they have scores waaaaay above the passing. >.> Screw…

I already have a deviant art account ( but I plan to do seperate submissions from my 356 plates. So far, my digimon plates are already up in DA and by tomorrow, I can start my DA life and go back blogskinning too. Wee… Stipends are up for my class tomorrow and I plan to buy a Tsubasa bag which costs around 550. >.> Meep. I also hope to fill up my clearance forms by next week. Go me!

Last perio ever tomorrow… chem and econ. I really hope I do well. Good luck batch 07! Last na natin to!