9.0 is up– vector madness!

Before anything else, let me introduce today’s plate. I worked so hard for her eyes… those are the most kawaii eyes I’ve ever made… so please appreciate it. Hahah. Joke. I really love the eyes but I screwed up with the rest of the body. OMG, just look at her distorted face!

Finally after a week of delay, I have a new layout! Yipee. So this is my answer to people’s question on how I make good layouts… it’s not me at all. It’s just brushes! Just get a decent version of Photoshop (Preferably ver. 7.0+) download ABR (Adobe Brushes) from some website (you may refer to my credits at the bottom) then start “brush spamming” all the way. That’s it actually.
So this morning, I’ve downloaded tree brrushes, sky brushes, more heart brushes, more swirl brushes, vector brushes, sky brushes, grass brushes, snow flake brushes, polaroid brushes, notepad brushes, grunge brushes, splat brushes and many more. Unfortunately, some of them only worked in Photoshop CS2 (screw that 30 day trial!). I decided to make a new layout out of vectors and hearts (originally decided to make one out of notebooks and photos but the brushes needed are not compatible with my version of Photoshop). I don’t like this layout much because it’s a lot messy (thus the name, love a disaster)… I also chose the wrong colors for some of the hearts… also chose too many colors… also too crowded… also I feel less fulfilled because the design is 80% downloaded brush spam. Cmon, daming reklamo. Oh well, at least it’s pink.
That’s it. Walang kwentang post naman ito! 😛 I will just add tomorrow’s post here later.

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