I’m really pissed off!

Dapat dati pa ako gumawa ng sariling post tungkol dito, pero dahil nakakatamad magpost at meron na nauna sa akin, post ko na lang ang gawa nya.

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Pisay vs. Bandila
I really have to say that ABS-CBN’s show, BANDILA, is getting over the nerves of many people in the Pisay community. There have been a number of episodes where the show has marked this school as a breeder of technically-competent barbarians. They say that the government’s investment on Pisay scholars is a waste. What does this mean?

What might be the reason of ABS-CBN’s outrage against the school? There has been one particular event in the past that may have been the cause of this dilemma. This was the poisoning that occurred last year. ABS-CBN’s struggle to cover the news was a distress for them since many students refused to talk about the issue. Didn’t the students follow ethics? It’s the school’s integrity at stake. The students just wanted to keep the news private since it would greatly affect the honor of the school.

What does this channel really want to show the people? Pisay has been sending complaints against the said TV program beacuse they have striked the school for so many times already.

So… For those people out there who believe in the non-sense they publish on television, learn to find the facts. Their only objective is to make money out of the lies they have been telling the public.


So ayun. Inis na inis talaga ako sa ABS-CBN ngayon–mga mukhang pera at walang respeto sa mga taong gustong manahimik. Ayokong mag-generalize but they’ve really gone too far with this issue.


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