Best Prom Ever.

Eh? Di ba dalawa lang ang prom? Oh well. Thanks talaga sa 08 for a job well done sa prom!

So before the short prom story… Here are the uber overdue plates. Argh. I’m not following my schedule anymore… I have a lot of back lag! Well so far, I still have to do today’s plate. I promise to publish it tomorrow. And so, this ends the Digimon series. I like the prom plate… I did the drawing a year ago. I dreamt of a ballet-theme prom way back then so I was inspired to make the drawing. And with that dream also, I wanted my dress to be pink. And I did.

So this is what happened. February 17, 2007. We went to Pisay at 2 oclock to get Jo. Heavy traffic jam at EDSA due to construction at Ortigas. Reached EDSA Shangrila Hotel by 4. Checked in… Room 1130. JUMPY BEDS! Ahhh, I miss the soft fluffy bed. Mom left to buy my bag and some food. Gosh, the food at the hotel room is so pricy. 150 for cup noodles?! Haha. So, Mr/Ms Make-up person comes and handles Jo first. Put on my dress. My turn for make up. Went down on 6:30. Gah, lateness. Got mask, entered ballroom, table 24. Kisses and chocolates on the table. Dinner. Pics. Table hop. Incredibly nice cotillion. Incredibly nice movie. Egg and Jao once again for Prom Queen and King. More pics. Dance. Didn’t dance much. I wanted to slow dance with him… unfortunately did not. Became a bit bitchy. Chocolate fountain. Yumyum! Ended prom. Went up the room, ate sushi, went to bed. Woke up 830. Long bath. Tub. Breakfast buffet. Sushi, Bacon, Lechon, Pancake, Bread, Yogurt, Waffles, Eggs, Fillet. Mass. Home. Sleep. End.

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