Happy Single Awareness Day!

I just found out from my classmates that today is Single Awareness Day. Go figure! And about today’s plate… this work was my very FIRST photoshop work which deals with scanning something and coloring it in. This was done months ago even before I started the 356 plates. I just added the transparent cheesy texts and of course, the title, date and name. Oh well, cheesy, cheesy cheesy.

Today’s our last achievement test for the whole ever! We had math and english and I was pretty surprised that I finished both tests earlier than the given time. I didn’t really study for English because Maam Bernal didn’t say anything about the coverage. As for math, I was surprised to find myself done 10 minutes earlier because I didn’t study for it because I fell asleep while attempting to do so.

After that, I went to the mall with some people. More cheesiness. While walking, you would notice that in a 5 square meter range, there would be at least a single couple… being cheesy. Even while eating lunch, I was getting sick to my stomach watching lovebirds spreading the cheese all around… so after my companions split up, I decided to go home early to avoid the cheesiness. But guess what! More cheese in the jeepney. Ger.

Oh why the hell am I bothered with cheese. I just missed CAT practice (If there ever was one) and there would be a possibility of having demerits or punishment because of that. Oh noes. And there would be regular classes tomorrow. Haha… teacher’s day! I wonder who would be Ms. Happy Feet. Oh well. Spread the love!


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