Achievement Test! Yay!

First plate, inspired by Girl From Hell and Le Portrait de Petit Cossette. Second plate is my version of Kari Yagami/Hikari Yagami from Digimon 02. New series! Yay! I liked what I did with her body, digivice and crest. I’m a bit disappointed with her face though. But I still love it! Go me!

This upcoming week (after all those torturous long tests in Physics and Math) is our achievement test! Yay!
Monday (February 12)
Tuesday (February 13)
Wednesday (February 14)

Right now,, the site that allows free downloads of over 4000 anime music, has now an anime episode section where you can download anime episodes in full length. Currently, there are around 100++ episodes with fansubs online. Presently, there are anime such as Death Note, Kanon, NHK ni Youkoso, Pumpkin Scissors and Ghost Hunt. Oh well, another reason for wanting DSL. I’m sure by that time I have a faster internet connection, there would be more anime available for viewing. I also want to try Gendou’s radio feature… and maybe the KOL radio too. Hahas, wishful thinking.

And thanks to mybloglog, I found out na araw-araw nya pinupuntahan blog ko. Ako naman, kilig flattered. Ahahahahah. Joke lang. Siguro, may hinahanap lang sya sa blog ko. O baka hindi naman sya talaga yung tumitingin. Tapos, naisip ko… oh. the hate posts. Oh well, ignore nyo na yun. Feeler nyo naman na hate-na-hate ko sila. That hatred just came from one source and it just so happens that they are the victims of circumstance.
Okay, time to finish “Of Mice and Men”… even if I know the whole story already (thanks to SparkNotes).

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