Five secrets.

I’m a bit disappointed with the 02-04 plate. She looks a bit scary but I’m too lazy to repeat the plate. So I apologize to the person whom I’ve based this drawing on. I’m just not good in drawing real life people.

5 (lame) secrets… tagged by Rica

1. (My dorm mates know this) I can eat a burger or hotdog sandwich in almost one bite. Yummy!

2. (My dorm mates also know this… as well as my friends) I enjoy burping the alphabet… not as good as AJ but I can still manage to gross people out.
3. I had lice almost 3 years ago. Hoho. Shh. But now, I’m clean. ^_^
4. I’m a crybaby. I cry at least once a week for lame reasons. There was a time that I even cried for more than 2 weeks straight. Happy.
5. I stereotype girls to be maarte or shameless flirts from 2 certain exclusive school based on my experience in Pisay and from stories being told to me. And I’m constantly annoyed by these schoolmates (I still hate some until now but I don’t care about the rest). I’m sure they would hate me if I say the schools that’s why let’s just make this a semi-secret. Hint, hint… Not from Holy Spirit, St. Paul, AA. Hoho…
On the 5th one, I hope others can prove me wrong about them.
I still have to think about the people I would tag. I would want a guy to answer this one!

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