STUDENT NO. 2007-46476

When the results of the UPCAT came out online yesterday at 12 midnight, a handful of my batchmates were already looking at them, searching their names first, then their friends, and then their fellow batchmates who they thought would be Oblation Scholars. I passed at my first choice- BS ECE. I asked Gihan to ask her mom to look at my results.

However, I really wanted to find out for myself if I did pass… that’s why after classes, a few of my classmates went to the Palma Hall Annex to look at the results despite the rumors that there was a frat war going on (Luckily, there wasn’t any). Sure enough, I passed. Haha. I have a sure future na. We also counted how many of our batchmates were Oblation Scholars (Congrats to the 25 who made it! ) and those who passed INTARMED (I don’t have the exact number). I’ll post the list as soon as I have it. [EDIT: 26 pala sa Oblation. 34 sa Intarmed]

Now here’s a problem. Ateneo or UP?? (Ayoko na sa MAPUA. Sira ulo talaga ako nung pinili ko yung course ko…Triple degree course?! mamamatay ako dun) I really want to take up BS-CS in Ateneo. I also like to take ECE but I always have this strange and weird feeling that I won’t be able to handle the course. I’m thinking of shifting after a year in ECE to CS but others say that only school delinquents shift courses because they don’t know what to do in life. Ganun ba yun? Fine, I really don’t know what to do in the future. Oh well, I still have time to decide what I really want.
Well, I’m really happy for myself and for others who did make it. But somehow I felt sad too… Ewan ko nga lang… nagbreak down lang ako kaninang umaga. (Hay, nanaman?! Ano kaya mangyayari sa akin sa graduation) I think I just don’t like the thought that we’re going on separate ways. Hay. Inevitable naman talaga sya… pero… Wala lang. Pisay is such a big influence in my life. It would just be hard to let go. Haha. Ano ba yan! Magdradrama nanaman ba ako?

Oh well. Ganun talaga. OKAY! DOST naman! Kahit April pa sya, excited na ako! ^_^

Thanks talaga Lord. This has been such a great blessing!

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