Project CI86

I’ll merge yesterday’s post to today’s post because I really had no topic for the previous one.

Woot! I’m so happy today! …oh yeah, btw, the first plate is a random plate. Kinda reminds me of the prom. Speaking of which, my parents were able to reserve a room for me and my mom at Edsa Shang. It costs P4500 thanks to the group rate (It’s really $180 or roughly P9000). They also told me that I can get another room for me and my friends if I want. However, I doubt that the girls would want to get one due to a lot of expenses. I doubt that I could even get the dress that I like… my mom goes arguing about getting a simple one since I’m just going to use it for one night.

The next plate was just unexpected. It’s just toying around with colors and brushes and I thought, Why not make this a Pisay Series plate? And here it is. PE-ness. Seriously, I’m losing ideas for my future plates already.

Okay, going back. My dad asked me to do a website project that I call Project CI86 for his HS classmates. I gladly agreed to do it though I didn’t know really what I was supposed to do. They would just hand over to me the things and resources and I’ll be doing the dirty work. But it really excited me a lot! At least I would do something productive in my life for a change. And the price that we agreed upon is me moving within next week! Yes! I’m planning to move when my blog turns 2 months old (February 3). I’m already planning and fixing my stuff for it. Be happy for me! Wee! Oh well. Another thing gone from the wishlist. I just can’t contain my excitement! Yay! Yay! Yay!!!

Oh yeah. New layout pala. It’s a navi and a non-navi one! I figured that my sidebar was too messy so I transfered things that would seem useless to others to the navigation section. It’s also my first animated layout courtesy of Image Ready. I wanted my new skin to be something somewhat boring formal for a change. So with a bit of the flower and swirly brushes, this is what came out. This is my seventh skin and possibly my last one for this blog. Ay, may magtatampo pala sa akin kung last ko na ito. There’s going to be a last layout possibly on the 3rd. Too bad, I absolutely loved the animated thingy.

It’s YMSAT this week. The images above were Rubidium o7’s Rubidigoo (Yup, until now, I still have my Rubidigoo) and Magic Squishee for the YMSAT last year. Wala lang. Time sure flies pretty fast. Parang kailan lang na pumupunta kami sa UP para bumili ng mga kung anu-ano para sa rubidigoo na yan… kahit di ko sila kagrupo… heehee. And now, we have this Physics magic trick thing for this year. Haha. Good luck to us.

I’ll end the post here. According to the UPCAT results would be posted on the fourth week of January. Others say that it would still be on February so I’m not keeping my hopes that high for getting the results this week. Oh well.


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