Plates, Pinoy, Pyro and Pika

Here I am with my 2 overdue plates.
The first plate’s original drawing was made back at August 5, 2005 (naks. naalala pa). I was in third year back then. It was the day of our field trip and it kept raining outside so I was inspired to make this drawing when I reached home. This plate also made me want a graphic tablet more. It’s pretty hard to outline the drawings using a mouse only that’s why the end result was so crappy. Hmmm, how about that for a birthday present for myself? teehee ._.
The second plate’s original drawing was created 2 years ago. I was in second year at that time. My inspiration here was my roommate who just told me about something na nakakakilig with her crush. They were stargazing together at the AstroSoc overnight camp. Aheheh. 07, kilala nyo ba sila?
I enjoyed doing those plates because each drawing reminded me about my second and third year days. BTW, I just want to share… these are my favorite sections in order; Rb, Adelfa, Photon, Ruby but if I would rank how much I enjoyed my stay in Pisay as a whole; third year, second year, first year, fourth year. I just thought of that because one of my classmates mentioned that he least liked Rb. Ahahah. Oh well. Different person, different experiences, different preferences.

And we finally finished our Pinoy board game! Yay! We kinda started from scratch in AJ’s house. Good thing that our work didn’t look crammed at all! It looked pretty neat. It’s also a good thing that we were also able to submit in time.

If the person I’m refering to reads this, I don’t care and I hate you. We just signed up for a table in the prom yesterday. There were 12 of us in it and only 2 had dates. Ikee. Sino kaya sila. Haha, so going back, I really don’t know whether I want to go or not. I just hate a certain person who would always open his/her big mouth about the prom without thinking that he’s/she’s hurting someone else with what he/she says. At magpaparinig ka pa. Ger. Gusto mo talaga akong magalit sa iyo no?! Bad trip ka talaga.

Anyways… ignoring that.

My mom, brother and I went to the Pyro Olympics yesterday which was held at SM Mall of Asia. We missed the first show because there was a heavy traffic going there. I’m really thankful that we took the MRT. I actually complained when we left home on why my mom didn’t plan to take a taxi. Ahahah. It’s too bad that I didn’t take my camera along with me. The fireworks were really so nice and pretty! It was my first time to see those many fireworks up so close.

After the last show by Canada, we ate at Cafe Breton at MOA. Then, we went shopping for a while and these are some of the things I bought.

I got that Pikachu from Comic Alley in MOA… It wasn’t sold in SM North that’s why I decided to buy it. It’s compostion is just the same as a therapy pillow. So cute, soft and huggable!

I liked the glowing thingimajig. It looks white when you don’t touch it but it separates into visible colors when you shake or move it. It reminds me of our previous lessons in Physics. How all the colors combined form white, how the colors reflect through the transparent glass in a given reflection angle, how colors separate due to refraction and how it is affected by different wave lengths and the medium’s index of refraction. Haha, nerd. The glowing horns looked pretty cool too. Hoho, scary. Really fits me, eh?Oh well, that’s it for today.


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