Start of my Image Blog

Okay, here goes my long overdue post which is short.

Last Tuesday in Viscomm, we had a speaker who made music videos and commercials for a living. Some of his works include videos of Kitchie Nadal’s “Same Ground”, Kamikaze’s “Martyr Nyebera” and Rivermaya’s “Sunday Driving”. Asides from doing videos, he also has his own project to make a decent drawing once a day for a whole year. It was his abstract visual diary. His works can be found at

I felt inspired with his works and his resolution to complete 365 drawings in 365 days. I’ve done a drawing diary before but I stopped because I was too lazy at times. So I decided to make a new diary but my works would be published in my blog instead.

And the image above is the first plate. It started as a plain drawing colored with watercolor pencils then edited through photoshop. I did this because for the fourth quarter, we are having badminton as our PE. I’m still not good but I enjoy playing the sport so much.

I do hope that I would complete 365 days! Wish me luck 😛


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