Digimon Skin! Yay!

I have a new layout due to the fact that some people can’t see my entries and a few of them tag back. Hahah. This is my 6th blogspot skin… it looks like that I change my layout/skin every week! This is a Digimon non-navigation layout, image courtesy of meru-chan (deviant art site stated at the credits). I edited the image with a bit of vector, calculus and C++ (programming language) brushes. This skin was the fastest one Ive ever made… the image was made under 10 minutes or so but the coding took me 20-30 minutes to edit. I love the image a lot… it consists of the “goggle-boys” who are leaders/main characters of each Digimon Series…. Taichi (Digimon Adventure), Daisuke (Digimon Adventure 02), Takato (Digimon Tamers) and Takuya (Digimon Frontier) even though I partly watched Digimon Frontier (Takuya). It really reminds me of my childhood when I was obsessed with Digimon… the series, movies, books, plushies, shirts, midis/mp3s, stickers, figurines, assembled toys, trading cards, playstation games… everything! Until now, I still try to get in touch with my childhood memories. Wala lang. Happy sya 🙂

Today (or yesterday, since I’m writing already at Tuesday) was a regular Monday. Flagcem, English, Math, Bio, ComSci, Homeroom, Physics, Uber Early Disimissal.

It was already a day after the retreat but I could sense that the batch still had a “hangover” from what has happened over the weekend. During flag cem and when we were at homeroom class (maam edulan wasn’t around), some of my classmates were dancing to songs from the retreat.

After classes, the best noypi group ever in Photon (haha XP) had a meeting for the board game which would be due on Friday. Marie and I first bought stuff in National Book Store with Jamie and Eunice. When we came back, we started working and barely made progress. Hahah. I hope we make a good one on time.

And also I found out that I passed the Ateneo Entrance Exams! Yipee! Visit their site at http://www.ateneo.edu/results.php for the results. I was able to get my first choice which was BS Computer Science. So that means that my score was at the top 15% of the accepted examinees. Wahahah. Good thing for Jo! She was able to be an Ateneo Freshman Merit Scholar! Woot! I’m so proud of her! But too bad that I didn’t apply for a scholarship… the tuition is just too high! That just means that I have to wait for the UPCAT and DOST results. Honestly, I just took the exam for “bragging rights”. I really wanna study at UP. Pero sosyal pakinggan na nakapasa ka sa Ateneo. Okay rin yung Mapua… sounds nice to hear that I passed an entrance test for a triple degree course. I didn’t take UST because I had no plans on going to a med school. I also don’t like to take exams for schools abroad. I don’t want to leave the Philippines. Wahah.

So this ends the post. I still have to edit the previous temporary post tomorrow/ tonight. Ciao.


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