Temporary Post

Okay, so since I have no time to make a new post since I have school tomorrow and it’s already late, here’s a uber short post about what happened in the first week of classes of the year 2007.

I’m glad to be back in Pisay! Luckily in the first day (Wednesday, January 3), we didn’t have much subjects so I was able to adjust at once and not experience the shocks and surprises of school work. I’m glad that I was able to see my friends again. Weeh!

January 4, we resumed normal classes. After classes, my section (Photon) had it’s post Christmas party at the ASTB hall. It was okay I guess… we ate food from Hotstix, played games (newspaper dance and trip to Jerusalem) and gave our exchange gifts). Wow. Kit was the one who got my name. I was not really surprised and somehow expected it but he was really good at hiding it from me. I got what I wanted from the wishlist that he received… the full Gravitation series cds! TY! That day was such a blast!
I also had my kilig moments on that day! Woot!

January 5-7 was our batch’s retreat at Angel’s Hills Retreat House at Tagaytay. The place was pretty cold (duh) and very nice. It’s like a small, pretty and quaint village. I really enjoy strolling around this place. We also had our 3rd year retreat here last October 2005.

My happy roommates in the cottage (Room 18-A) were Jannel, Gihan and Jane. (arranged from left to right)

On Friday, we had 2 talks on the afternoon, first Friday mass after and palanca (and strips) giving at night.

On Saturday, there was an optional mass early morning. At morning, the batch was divided into 9 groups for the obstacle course and cheering competition. I was with Team H (Holy Winners! ^_^) We didn’t win but it was fun! When afternoon came, there were 2 talks again. Then, the girls were divided into 3 groups to go to 3 different activities. My group’s first activity was a game which was followed with a discussion. After that, we were sent to the chapel to have confessions. After almost 18 months, I was going to confess again. Wahihihih. After that, there was a praisefest which started at 9 PM and ended on midnight.
On Sunday was the Holy Mass, then batch prayer then batch picture then departure back to Pisay
Sorry if this post is too weird. I just rushed this and I plan to edit this tomorrow night. I’m getting too sleepy so good night!

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