Good things come to an end

Yes people! I have a new skin! So it’s my first time to use a navi-type skin for this blog so I’ll be disabling the “Previous layout” for a moment while I look for (or make) a new skin. I got a new layout because of japboy’s comments. I really didn’t know what my blog looked like in a 1280×800 browser until yesterday when I checked out my blog in my friend’s PC. It really looked ugly! So here’s the skin that made me super happy in Blogskins since it was able to reach the 4th spot at the Top 15 rated. Though it lasted on the charts for roughly 3 days, it gave me a sense of satisfaction. With that, I’ll be taking a short break (or is that hiatus) from BS for a while.

I think that I’ll also be going on a hiatus from blogging too. Tomorrow, my blog would be one-month old! (Happy birthmonth to you…) But asides from that, I would be going back to school on the same day. So I have to welcome back Calculus (Integrals na ata), Econ (more GNP, GDP), Biology, Chemistry, Physics (flux!!), English (must reread Les Miserables), Filipino (ahahahahahah~), CAT, Viscomm and more stuff. It’s sad but good things really have to come to an end. I haven’t started on my palancas for the retreat yet!!! OMG. Come to think of it, I haven’t done anything productive for this break! Oh well…

So yesterday, the whole world celebrated the coming of the new year. My family went to Paranaque for the New Year’s Eve party. There, I met old friends and neighbors… They seemed to be surprised in seeing my brother who has grown a lot taller so some of them failed to recognize him at a glance.

After eating and watching the fireworks at the party, I went to my neighbor’s house to use their computer. What a way to spend New Year. Shortly after, we went back to my lola’s house to go to sleep (We decided that it was a hastle to go back to QC so we decided to sleep over at my lola’s house). I was the first one to fall asleep that’s why I was surprised when I woke up. As I sat up on my lola’s bed, I saw people asleep on the floor. Cmon. The house has 5 bedrooms but we were all jammed in my lola’s bedroom. Wahahah. Nahiya talaga ako… solo ko yung bed. Pero wala talaga akong magawa at silang lahat ay tulog kaya natulog ulit ako.

I woke up again at 9:45. We ate breakfast and attended mass. After that, we went to SM Sucat and had a studio pic. Wahahah.

Then we ate at Pizza Hut. I personally don’t like their BBQ ribs pizza. It’s too sweet for me but I still enjoyed the rest of the meal. After that, we went home, had siesta, watched tv and finally bade goodbye. We went to Cafe Breton at Tomas Morato to eat dinner (mmm! love their crepes!) then went home.

Oh well. So this is the first official post of the year and the last official post for the Christmas break. I’m not sure if I’ll still be able to visit other people’s blogs or post blog entries that often after the next few days so I’ll just say that I’ll miss you guys! Wahahah. I really enjoyed my online life (if that’s what you call it). I’ve met a lot of cool and nice people and I’ve learned more about the blogging community here in the Philippines. Ang saya pala. Wahahah. Blogging has somewhat made me feel… uhm… special I guess. After winning the FBOTW, I realized that some people out there really reads what I have to say and that I also have something interesting to read about people whom I haven’t really met personally. This Christmas break made me somewhat fulfilled. So ayun, I guess I’ll see you guys around. This was totally a blast! 🙂


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