I hate it when I begin a post. I make an introduction, then I delete it. Then I write another statement, then I delete it again. And another one, and so forth.

Yesterday, my family and I went to UP campus for the usual annual get-together with my parents’ “brods”. They consisted of my parents’ friends back when they were still in college taking up ROTC. Some of them were also the ninongs and ninangs of me and my brother (*hint, hint*).

We arrived pretty early at the military ed. area. I thought that the place had shrunk. The last time I remembered having a get-together at that place was back when I was still in Grade 4 so my perspective of that area must’ve changed after so many years.

So we ate lunch (mmm…), had some chitchat, gave away gifts, received some gifts and said goodbye. End of story.

My dad and my brother went to Antipolo for a family reunion of his side of the family. My mom and I went to SM to buy some things because the mall had a year end sale. YAY! I finally have new rubber shoes! Binyagan na! I also bought a few posters at Comic Alley. They were originally priced at 20 pesos but they were now sold for 10 pesos. Problem with that now is that I don’t know where to place them in the house. I’m thinking of giving them away but I don’t know any die-hard fan of Tsubasa Chronicles 😦 And asides from Comic Alley, I spotted plushies on sale at the gift factory. OMG. You should’ve seen the number of Hello Kitty plushies! It reminded me on the time when I was an avid collector of Hello Kitty items back in grade school. Nakakamiss!

So after that, I bought my Dekada 70 book (bakit ngayon lang ha!), bought more stuff, ate dinner at Tokyo Tokyo and went home. We finally assembled our new computer table (all we have to do is place the computer on it) and I went online shortly after. I attended the last mass in Ragnarok which makes me entitled to the Angel’s Blessing to be claimed tonight! Yay!

And guess what I saw later on the net!

OMG. I can’t believe it! Seventh? Thank you God! I’ve always wanted to be at the Top Rated in blogskins! When I left going to UP, this blogskin had 16 comments! Now when I came back, it was raised to 34! OMG. OMG. OMG.

God has been giving me a lot graces since yesterday (I know God gives me graces every single day of my life but… uhm… basta). Thanks Lord for the gifts I’ve received from my parents’ friends! Thanks for making me in the Top 15 rated! Thanks for my mom’s treats yesterday! Thanks also for the gift I received from my dad’s relatives even though I don’t know (and haven’t met) some of them! Thanks for making tonight free so I can claim my prize in Ragnarok! Thanks for letting me win in the Filipino Blog of the Week! Thanks for everything!

This weekend is just a fairly happy one. There is just one thing missing.


Fourth place! Woah!

This is as of January 1, 2007! So that means


New year. New beginnings.


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