Pre Christmas Post

Here are the reasons on why it’s just now that I’m going to post again. Take note that my thoughts on the following events are the ones I’ve felt and thought on the very day it occured. Uhm… Let’s just say that I’ve written these posts on the day that they’ve happened and I just compiled them all in this post.

1. Ragnarok Online Modified EXP. Yes! Level-up-games has granted my Christmas wish to have a 3x modified EXP. It started last Wednesday, December 20. I’m going to try to make my Blacksmith reach level 98 by this week. Oh I really hope that I can make it! I’m also trying out to get the “Angel’s Blessing” headgear. You get this item by doing an RO style Simbang Gabi by going to the Prontera Chapel from 7-11 PM for 14 days straight (From December 17-31). My knight’s trying this out and so far I’m doing well. I just have a problem on the last day since my family’s heading to Paranaque for New Year’s Eve. Wah. 😦

2. AHS Mass/Program/Salu-salo. My brother had his last day of school at December 20. My mom and I went to Ateneo to accompany him. We planned to attend the Holy Mass at 4 PM but we had a hard time getting a taxi so we were late for the mass. After the mass, I observed the venue (AHS covered courts) and just noticed how big the place was. Then I recalled that each batch had around 600 students, so that was around 2400 students in the whole high school community. Then add the parents, faculty, friends and the other people and you have a whole bunch of people. Wala lang. I’m not used to that much people cramped in a school venue. So, back to the topic, there was a program that followed the mass. The students, faculty and staff presented dance and song numbers. It was pretty nice to watch it though I don’t know any of the people there. It reminded me of similar events in Pisay where I could see teachers work it out on the center stage. After that, each class had to go back to their respective classrooms for a salu-salo. Not much happened in the 2-I class. The food was great though. The class also had a sing-a-long and the one who would get the highest point would get an SM 500-peso gift cheque. We left early since my mom was getting sleepy.

3. DOTA. Huzzah! My brother was able to borrow a DOTA CD from his classmate (from the party I suppose) so it’s now on our PC. Yay! I really have fun playing though I always get creamed. I like using the Alchemist (I forgot his name) and Lina Inverse the Slayer. The game’s pretty addictive. I do hope I get better.

4. Blogskins. I spend my time now giving out comments, ratings and green flags. For those who want instant greenies and 5 stars, I’m your person. Just make sure that you and your skins are DECENT. I’m not that fussy in rating skins. But don’t think I’m a nice person. I also give reds and poor ratings to those who deserve them. And another thing… just make sure that you don’t know me personally if you want me to rate. No offense to strawbess (she’s an exception since she’s a nice person) but I REALLY, REALLY HATE PEOPLE WHO ASKS THEIR FRIENDS to make accounts to simply raise their ratings. That is just unfair, wrong AND A SIGN OF DESPERATION . EARN THE 5 STARS FAIRLY YOU JERKS! There.

5. Okasan’s Christmas Shopping. I can assume that you know what okasan means once I explain. My okasan went to SM to get gifts for her godchildren. She asked me for suggestions on where to buy gifts. She told me that one of them wanted something Cartoon Network-ish like Power Rangers and Pokemon (Ah, childhood memories XP) so I suggested that she go to Comic Alley for Pokemon merchandise. When she came back, she had toys, pillows and shirts with her. Then she showed me the Pokemon figurines she bought. Cmon. I don’t remember any of the characters that she bought asides from Pikachu. Then she began sharing about the prices of this-and-that items and she told me about the biggest Mokona Modoki stuffed toy which costs 1280 (like I didn’t know that… XP) and the other posters of this-and-that anime and how cheaper the Pokemon plushies are compared to the Tsubasa Chronicle ones. I could’ve sworn that she would give me a Pokemon or another Mokona stuffed toy for Christmas. Wahah. On the following day, she shopped some more and came home with incredibly huge wrapped boxes and paper bags. Woah. Para kanino kaya yan?

6. More RO. Due to the 3x EXP, my brother decided to make a sage. He managed to MANUALLY make one in 3 days (or 24 hours in total, yes we counted how long) which got to Job Level 50. More geographers then.

7. Unproductivity and boredom. Well if you’ve noticed, I’m really unproductive for this week. I only do constructive stuff in my online and gaming life but asides from that, I’m practically useless, idle and unfruitful. If you remove the PC from my Christmas break, I’d die of boredom.

8. Trip to Paranaque. Last Suday (December 24) my family went to Paranaque to have mass and lunch. We met at our lola’s house and went to mass at 10:30. We ate lunch at Pancake House in Bicutan. It’s located at Brittany Bay at the Express Road near the Sucat Tollgate. I recommend the variety of restos/cafes there. I also suggest that you go there at night and eat outside since the view’s nice, atmosphere’s soothing, it’s windy and spacey and there’s usually a live band performing. It’s such a lovely place. So going back, after lunch, we went back to lola’s house and opened our gifts. Yay! MP3 PLAYER AT LAST! Thanks! We also opened my lola’s balikbayan box which finally arrived from the States last week. It was just bunch of clothes I took no interest in. What caught my eye however was a 74-piece make-up set. I love it! Its so pink, neat, lovely and girly. I don’t like make-up though but I really wanted that for myself. My mom didn’t permit me since I don’t use make-up. She said to reserve in the future for a debutante. Cmon. 3 years to go! So after that, we went back at home at around 6:30 PM.

So this is what happened on the week before Christmas. My next post would be a short one on what has happened today this Christmas. Maligayang Pasko!


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