Christmas Post


For Noche Buena, we ate at a Chinese Resto at Tomas Morato. Due to excessive consumption of food from the previous meal, we didn’t have the stomach to eat much so we asked them to wrap the food instead to go. The food was great though we thought it would be best to eat it at an empty stomach so that we could savor the taste well.

I won’t share what happened at home but here are two pics to give a small idea.

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Weeeh! Cute stuffed toy. My guess was nearly true but I’m not that happy about it. I just find it weird for parents to give their teenage daughters incredibly cute and cuddly teddy bears. Shouldn’t their boy friends be the one giving those? Ahahah. I still have no name for her… it’s actually a boy as stated by its tag (A male purple teddy bear? I don’t like the idea). It’s name is really Bernie but I’m not really feeling it. Any suggestions?

So on the following day, my dad, bro and I went to Bulacan to visit my dad’s family. My mom couldn’t go since she still has work tonight. Not everyone was there in our grandparent’s house since they would be going on the 31st. We ate lunch there (Karekare still owns!) and had a chat with relatives. I got some hour’s nap and snazzy kikay-ish gifts there. Yay! We went home on 4:30 PM.

And here I am right now, finishing my post and waiting for dindin.

And I just want to proudly announce that my blog was nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week! I found out about it after I finished sending my “Merry Christmas Tags” to most of the people on my links section this morning. I came back to look at my blog to check if may new layout was fine or if anyone tagged (I didn’t expect any though. Cmon. It was 8 o’clock AM at that time. People are sure to be still asleep.) Then I found out I was nominated for the FBW! OMG. I never expected to be included in the nominees! I don’t really write well and I just blog to take note on what has happened on a particular day. I don’t write nice poems/songs/stories or share any breathtaking opinions about controversial topics or anything that much interesting. Mmm, he must’ve just liked the layout… ^^ I do write like a whinny schoolgirl after all.

Anyways, I’m just flattered and honored. I really think that being included as one of the nominees is a big thing. Winning it would probably be like getting your skin as an SOTD in blogskins. Hahah.

So, If you enjoy reading my posts, like my layout or just like me (wahah), vote quiesentimental at (the poll at the left navigation) or you can just vote at this blog below the tagboard.

Thank you all! Thanks to talksmart too for deciding to include me for this week!

Have a blessed Christmas to you all!

Let us not forget that today is the birth of the Lord. Give thanks to Him for this wonderful day. So I’d like to thank God for all my gifts, me and my loved ones still alive and well, my remaining sanity (next post! abangan), me being nominated and everything else. God bless to all!


2 Responses to “Christmas Post”

  1. Karen Says:

    Merry Christmas too!

    Take Care~ πŸ™‚

    Nagvote na din pla ako. ehehe πŸ˜‰

  2. Alex Says:

    Thank You

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