Teh weakdne

A bunch of things has happened this weekend.

First, I’m having a blog layout frenzy! I’ve just downloaded a bunch of Photoshop brushes and I’m having fun editing and playing with pictures! So far, I’ve made 8 layouts and coded already 7 of them. I’m planning to make one more before I go to bed tonight. I’m also planning to change my blog skin every 2 weeks! Wahah! Here are some previews of the stuff I’ve made.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think I’m going to use the last one for Valentine’s Day. I’m also planning to make another one for this new year! Nakaka-adik! I hope that with a bit a lot, lot more practice, one of my skins would be placed in SOTD in blogskins someday. Wahah. I can dream, can’t I?

I wish I knew how to make template codes out of CSS. I want to switch templates in my blog as easily as this guy does, http://isolation-d.blogspot.com/. Idol ko sya! He designs a lot of cool blogs! And he can make his template change in seconds because he knows his CSS. Wahah. I also like http://ledeux.blogspot.com/. She was the one who designed my blog layout in my tabulas.

So, back to the topic. Last Saturday was my dad’s birthday. It was also the promotion of my brother to his BLACKBELT! Wahoot! After 5 long years of training, he’s finally getting his blackbelt. We took a taxi going to the main PTA office which is beside the Philippine Sports Commission. It’s also near the LRT nearby De La Salle University. The registration was at 12nn so we were asked to go back at around 1:30. We ate lunch at Wendy’s and we waited for a long time since there were 3 batches which were ahead of my brother’s (1 batch of yellow belts and 2 batches of high browns going black). It was also hot there since we were not allowed to enter inside the center. We could only view them from outside along with the scorching heat. Gahh.

The guys from the main were pretty strict! When I was watching the previews batches, one screwed up with his forms so they were ALL asked to do push-ups *outside*. It was like what the 07 CAT officers did on their graduation but it was harder because the ground was pretty hot and they had to do push-ups with their knuckles. Yeowch! My bro’s batch did the same but they did it inside. BTW, there were also 2 blackbelts taking another promotion for a higher “dan” (proficiency level in martial arts). In the promotion, they were asked to do kicks, a lot forms (randomly chosen forms from yellow to brown belt), more kicks, self defense, a lot of kicks and sparring. It was your regular promotion… And so I thought…

After the regular sparring, the last batch had to spar again but this time, they had to spar with higher Blackbelts (not the 2). They were going wild! I was able to spar with blackbelts before but they would usually go easy on me. But I was seeing them really beating up those being promoted. Sparring was one of the last events that’s why they were already exhausted. Poor them. After that, they were asked to kick wooden blocks. Cool! It’s like what I see in demos! The 2 blackbelts were assigned 3 blocks instead. You could keep the block as a souvenir but my bro decided not to take his.

They were then dismissed and they shook hands with all the blackbelts who assisted the promotion. I thought it was all over, but I saw that none of them was leaving the room yet. Then I saw that the faciliators shut close all the windows and doors. Apparently, no one could see much what was happening. But lo and behold! A peephole… This was the fun part. The ones being promoted were now crawling between the legs of all the blackbelts and were being hit at the butt with wooden blocks. Amusing! It was some sort of initiation! There was really something unique with blackbelt promotions! So, after around 10 minutes, they were finally released. Huzzah.

We took a jeep going to Kalaw and we ate dinner at Jollibee. Our dad then left us for a party so we took another jeep going home. And, that was it. Congrats!

So, I played O2 Jam and I am now finally at Level 25! I’ve bought and downloaded 3 songs. I like the “Für Elise” the most (That’s how it’s really spelled…it’s by Beethoven–the creepy song). I’ve also got “Amadeus” and “Pit-a-Pat Summer”. I love the songs! I hope I can get to level 26 before the week ends.

I’m also 23.9% base exp in RO. 76.1 more to go and I’ll be in level 98! Lapit na! I’m going to make an old account my support priest when I level up. I hope I get to level 99 soon, then it’s the road to MasterSmith! Whahah.

Later, may outing ang Rb sa Eastwood. Yay! Finally! So far, alam kong sasama sina Tim, Rr, Andy and Joey. Grabe. Sana di sila magastos! Pero sila pa! Mga dakilang gimikera! Wahah. Good luck na lang sa akin.

I keep on saying that I’m bored. The truth is, I still have STR, Econ, Noypi and palancas to do. Okay? Wahahah. Tamad lang talaga ako!


One Response to “Teh weakdne”

  1. -pAm- Says:


    1st ako.hahaha.

    bago ang lahat…bat di mo sinabing nilink mo ako?hehehe.buti na lang napadaan ako dito ulet at nakita kong nilink mo nga ako…haha.:) salamat. nilink na rin kita.:P

    changing the layout every 2 weeks?hehehe…grabe! haha…make one for me too..lol..joke..:P

    that’s realy nice…blackbelt..haha…prang gusto ko ring matuto ng ganon..pang-self-defense.hehe.:)


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