Old and new

Last Monday, I was able to chat with an old friend whom I haven’t seen for 4 years. He was a childhood friend whom I’ve known ever since I was in the third grade. The last time I personally saw him was four years ago when I still lived in our apartment in Paranaque. He also lived in the same apartment, he was a unit away from ours. I still remember that he and his family moved out at around January 2004 and lived at a nearby subdivision. He would usually go back to our neighborhood and visit his friends who lived there. I haven’t seen him ever since he moved out because I was already a dormer at that time and could not be at home that often.

Around a month ago, I learned that his family has already migrated to another country. How could have I known that they would move out again… and to think that I kept on anticipating him and his younger sister everytime I would visit my old home.

When we talked, I noticed that he was still the same as before. He was the same nice, polite and thoughtful guy. He asked if I was still fine and how my life was. He also told me about his life right now. I learned that he was also graduating high school this year. I found this quite amusing because I knew that back then, when I was about to enter high school, he was about to enter the 6th grade. And he also took up grade 7. Hindi ko talaga alam kung paano yun nangyari. :/ He’s already on his Christmas break already but his sibblings are still in school. Pareho pala kami.

We reminisced a bit on our childhood days. We recalled on how we used to play patintero and another game whose name I’ve forgotten already (It’s like hide and seek) all day long… grabe, those good old days.

When he left, I continued remembering those days of roaming around the subdivision, playing playstation, playing games like langit-lupa, taguan, tumbang preso, buying fishball in the afternoon, climbing trees, biking on unchartered terrains, getting scolded for staying up late, bullying guys younger AND older than me… the list seemed endless. I really missed those times. You could really say that I had a good childhood. Well yes, I did. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. So you could’ve imagined me crying on the night before I left for the dorm. Oo, napaiyak ako. I was saying goodbye to those days. I knew then that there was no turning back. I was already growing up and I needed to let go all those things for something “better”. Oo, madrama nga. Kaya titigil muna ako ngayon. I’m sure that the things that I gave up was worth it but I really wish that I could go back to those times. I still keep in touch with my other neighbors but not all of them. I just like to say that I MISS YOU GUYS!

I spent the whole week bloghopping. Like what I’ve said, I had a lot of time to waste. I enjoyed reading their blogs… I found out about a lot of things about the world out there and saw a lot of people with similar problems, favorites or preferences as I had. It was also amusing because I felt like it was also a small world out there. After wandering far, far away from my original point I was able to get back… (and see that a lot of people were tagging 😀 thanks!) I also happened to meet a schoolmate (a batch younger) who shared a lot of similar interests with me. I just finished meeting her on a game and she seemed very nice… that’s why I’m going to hunt her down next year because she made my PC hang. Wahahah.

For yesterday and today, I was able to chat with Gihan, Jo and Tin. It’s been the first week of Christmas vacation but I already miss them all. Gihan was still the same hyper person that she managed to keep me up all night. Too bad that she wasn’t able to enter Intel. Sosyal pa naman nagawa nila. I also had another one-on-one talk with Jo, my personal planarian psychiatrist. She somewhat was able to slap some sense to me. I was having those regular breakdown moments which she managed to ease. Baliw talaga ako.

Asides from talking and chatting to them, they all reminded me to do STR, econ and Viscomm. Wahah. Kaya…


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  1. lea Says:

    WOW! Sakura and Li!

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