When rats attack

For the past 2 months, our house keeps on being visited by rats. Ever since we transfered at Quezon City (Well, that’s practically a year and a half ago), the rainy seasons always bring in the pests shamelessly running everywhere in the streets (I saw 4 at the same time as I was going home from school at night) and in our house. We’ve managed to set up fly traps on where we thought the rats kept on passing. Last year, we managed to get around 4-5 small ones but now, we only managed to get a some sort of a 5-inch long brown centipede millipede thing. I used to be so afraid of rats that I would scream at the top of my lungs if I did see or happened to glance at one (Even by mistake). But now, whenever one passes by, I’d just go “Hi rat, bye rat” then go back to my normal business.

Okay… why did I bring that up?

So, here is my late post regarding last Friday. I arrived at Pisay at around 8 am and as I went down from the pedicab, I saw a lot of kids and their parents standing outside Pisay. I thought that I was still early but when I met up with my classmates inside, I already saw a bunch of kids about to be led to the grandstand. Someone just told me later on that the ones waiting outside Pisay weren’t the kids from San Roque but were the kids from the area in front of Pisay. That’s why the guard won’t let anyone in. Ah kaya pala… Hindi ko nga alam kung maawa ako sa kanila kasi buong umaga sila naghihintay sa harap o isipin na makapal mukha nila at bigla na lang sila magpapakita kahit di sila invited. Kaya ayun…

I was with the Photon face painting booth at the gazebo. I was never really good with handling children that’s why I volunteered to help man the booth instead. I didn’t really paint anyone asides from myself (Haha. Naaliw) and I just ended up listening to Dianne, AJ and the others with their RO talk. Kimer also gave out chocolates to everyone in Photon (I bet she wants us to get all fat like her… Joke! XP Peace tayo Kim!). It was really nice of her to be psychic and know that I didn’t really like nuts and fruit in my chocolate. Haha.

After that, I met up with Tin (Neko-chan!), Louie Sadiz and Celine. We headed to the ASTB for the Mass of the Immaculate Concepcion. It was around noon at that time so I had pizza for lunch later on, courtesy of Johanna Munar. 😛 Then I gave away my gifts, but Gihan wasn’t there so I think I’ll get another one for her for next month since I just rushed her gift.

Then, it was Paskorus! It was a bit a lot disappointing since the sections that I wanted to win, didn’t. Gah. Too bad that Charm didn’t win. They were so good, however the mic overshadowed their voices so I guess they weren’t heard that much. Sayang talaga sila. Sayang rin ang Gluon. I really didn’t know what went wrong but they should’ve been better than *r. Haha. It’s really a good thing that *r didn’t win. I just plain don’t like them! They’re just good because of a few nice props and those 2 guys who sang.

The intermission number was uber fantastic! It was my first time to see Sir Palima and Sir Talaue sing! They sang so well and I’m sure that when we get back to school, the whole class would have to ask them to sing again. =D I went home as soon as the happy festives of the Paskorus ended. I couldn’t make it to the fireworks display since I went out for dinner in Terriyaki Boy. Dinner was great! Even though we had to wait to get a table, it was worth it since the food was tasty! I highly recommend the chicken terriyaki and tofu steak. The restaurant was pretty fast in serving the food but when the bill came in, we had to wait for around 30 minutes! It was because we presented 4 Senior Citizen cards for the discount so I think that they had a hard time computing for the real price.

Sus. Baka di lang sila sanay kung ganun karami ang senior citizens!

C’mon… it’s just like multiplying the total bill by 4 and dividing it by the total people eating and multiplying it by .20 and subtracting it to the total bill! Duh.

Uh. Let’s just pretend that I understood that.

Haha. Di nga ako sure kung tama ba yung natype ko eh XP

Ah, okay. O sige. Alis na ako. Kain muna ako breakfast.

Baibai! And as a final note, Lovely buzzed a while ago at YM and went instantly offline. Oh well. Wala lang. Share ko lang. Ang weird eh.


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