Level 97 and Gourdcore

Because some of my classmates decided to go back to playing RO, I had this urge to go back as well. So here I am now. My blacksmith just turned level 97 and I’m expecting to turn 98 before next year. I know that my dream of becoming 99 within this year won’t come true unless that Level Up Games gives the RO a whole month of modified EXP.

When I also came back to RO, I noticed that they were trading LU-load for various in-game headgears. The first thought that came to my mind was to make zeny out of these. My plan was to buy load, get the headgears and sell them for zeny. I only had 5M with me left and I couldn’t find it in my heart to sell my spare items due to the deflation. However, I was unsure to do what I had planned because the items weren’t really that in demand and the ones who did try to sell the headgears sold them at a very low price.

After a week, I found a new announcement that the GMs were going to trade an Angeling headgear for a +7 Laurel Wreath (one of the headgears being traded for laod). My hopes went high once again since I thought that the demand for Laurel Wreaths would increase due to that event. I could get 17-20M for each one that I sell! The thought was just so euphoric!

Then, in school, I listened to a conversation that my other classmates had. One pointed out that LUG was taking advantage over the players by trading those headgears for cash. They were making huge profits because of that. He also gave a funny thought about the players who did try making those +7 Laurel Wreaths. When an over-upgrading fails, it’s just like saying that you threw away a hundred bucks. Those players are so lavish! Another classmate said that LUG weren’t contented with the earnings they have because of bots. Maybe they were trying to do a “legal” way of getting cash out of players. Well, that’s the corrupt world of RO.

On the other side of the world, my O2 jam works already! About a week ago, it keeps on getting a message that it won’t connect to the server. But now, it works snazzily! I hope I get to level 25 already. My next mission is at around level 27 where I have to do a level 12 song with less than 10 misses. Good luck to me then!

On another other side of the world… XD
I finally got my gourdcore trophy in KOL. It took me 45 days to do so (but I could’ve done it in fewer days). I’m still pondering if I should get the Golden Meat Stack Trophy. That would be pretty challenging and long. I swear that if I get out of hardcore, I’m never going back there again! XP I’m already at level 8 and yet I haven’t done most of the quests. It’s pretty hard if you’re a myst class. Asides from that… It’s Crimboween! My multis are already farming for the event items. I hope that the mafia gets the Crimboween version all set before Christmas eve!

Well. That’s all for my gaming life. And as a final note, I hope I get better at DOTA! Haha…^^


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