Last day of school for the year

Post for 12-07-06

Finally! The perio for the third quarter is finally done!

As usual, in the morning, I was in the library studying with Kit and Tin. Kit until now hasn’t returned my Biology book which he lost which is now in the registrar’s office. I need to get the code for the book so that I can claim it but I keep on forgetting to do so. I think I’ll get it back next year.

Then, it was test time! I blame Electron and Muon for the math exam… XP They weren’t able to take up maximum-minimum problems so we had to do problems which were about related rates. Gah. I couldn’t remember anything much about it so I had to guess in some questions. For the bio part, it was fun to answer it. I don’t know why, but it was fun. Fun. Fun. Well, I liked the express yourself box 🙂 I made a Christmas tree with the translation process. I just hope that you start translation with a 5′ or else I’m gonna fail Bio…

After that, I went to SM with Mithi, Dianne and Jason. We took a cab going there. Mark Jason quickly went home after we reached the mall. We looked around National Bookstore and Tower Records before Mithi left. We then looked at Comic Alley at the basement floor. They were having a sale! I finally found where to buy Gravitation VCDs! 2 CDs cost 70 pesos! I didn’t buy them though since maybe that’s what I’m going to receive for my exchange gift. Then, I also saw cute Mokona Modoki Keychains which cost 99 pesos each. For me it was too pricy so I didn’t buy it (but I will sooner or later XD). I then headed to Papemelroti, the Department Store, the other Comic Alley and Blue Magic to do a bit of my Christmas shopping after Dianne left. Before that, she treated me for Dumpling Rice and Zagu. Thanks Dianne XD! Haha. So I spent around 600 for that day.

When I arrived at home, they were fixing the ceiling. I fell asleep after 30 minutes and woke up 4 hours later. I had to do my STR and finish my turns in KOL… and make my charcter level-up in RO before I go to school. I still have to gift-wrap my gifts and get ready for the outreach program later.

And. I’m still pondering… Will I ever ask that question… about that dreaded four-letter word? No, it’s not love, like, ikee, hate, dead, kill, or something… Basta. I almost did ask him several hours ago (and it was my nth attempt)… but I was really afraid to be rejected so I didn’t dare continue. And I knew that there was another person in mind. Sigh. But I really want to ask that question. Pero ayaw nya…

sa akin.

So bahala na. If he forgot that promise/conversation a year ago, I don’t really care.

I guess.

Oh what the hell. Whatever to that now!

I need some sleep. It’s early in the morning. Good night/ morning people! Tomorrow’s the Paskorus finals! Good luck to Dia, Ruby, Adelfa, Dahlia, Be, Sr, Charm and Gluon. I hope you guys do well! I’m also looking forward to watching them. And, I also look forward to eating at Terriyaki Boy tonight! Huzzah!


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