The 12-o6 post

This was my exact post from the same day last year…

Time check 3:58 am Yesterday was definitely one of the weirdest days of my life(take note: bangag day)…Nakakasira ng ulo. Hehe…Kung saan-saan pa kami nakarating! First time in my life. Paikot-ikot everywhere kahit may PERIO! wah… ano ba yan?! At bio at math ang perio ngayon. Tama ba yan?! Oh well…it was fun, except of course, the after-“math” of that day. Sobrang inantok ako at nakatulog ako around 9-ish at nagising ako ng 2:30 ng umaga! oh di ba? Ang saya ng buhay! At least may peace and quiet habang nag-aaral. Pero malamig at wala na akong boses. Wah. Seryoso. Tama ba yun? Nakatapat sa akin ang fan full blast!? My throat hurts and I have colds. Cry! Sorry na lang kung pipiyok ako sa Paskorus practice. Bahala kayo sa buhay niyo. (kidding…inaantok lang po ako) Wah. Under construction pa ang blog ko. There are still stuff that should not be seen here by many eyes. I hope di matagal ang pagload ng mga pics sa links (sa akin, matagal. wah. slow computer! *kicks the pc*). Anyways… I hope na papasa ako kahit sa math lang (asa). Sige. Hanggang dito muna. May hang-over pa ako sa kabangagan kahapon eh. Gomen nasai!

//~from my last blog

And now I’m posting for this day. (Well, it’s 12-o7 today but I want to post for yesterday)

I started the day with *finally* submitting my Viscomm plate! Yipee! Then, I spent the whole morning in the library with Tin, Gian, Kit, Eunice and other people who happened to stop by at our table. I fell asleep when Tin and Eunice went out to have their Chem long test. I slept for around 30 minutes starting at 9 am. To be honest, I had a hard time studying (Well, don’t we all?). I have to admit, I really don’t have a schedule. I had to cram Econ, Chem and Pinoy in one day and I totally didn’t understand a thing in econ.

The Chem and Pinoy test went on well. I had fun answering the essays even though I knew I wasn’t that fluent in Filipino. I’m sure Ma’am Edulan would laugh at things I just wrote. Econ test was so hard at the third part. I had a complete state of mental block and couldn’t tell the right formula on computing the Real GNP base-something year. Gah. I’m obviously gonna fail. I couldn’t even do the bonus completely.

Today’s test consists of my two favorite subjects, Bio and Math. Ma’am Edulan won’t be in our class later since she has to supervise in the NCE so Sir Talaue alone would have to handle Photon. After the tests, I plan to go to SM for my Christmas shopping part 1. I hope I have enough money for that XP

And. I won’t be attending the Christmas party tonight. I have to make up for the lost time made in my other affairs! Haha.

Now, I end my post here. Today’s the last perio of this year! Cheers!


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