Now I know someone’s *dirty* little secret

And I’m not going to talk about that for today’s post XP

Yesterday was the first day of the 3rd quarter perio. We had Physics then English. Before that, I was in the library studying with Celine and Kit. We got our stipends on that day (Yay! Walang deductions!) so I had this usual urge to spend for something that I’d regret for later on. But, all I had for lunch though was coffee which almost costs as much as half of a normal meal. The test went on well, Physics consists of 40 items, multiple choice and English had… a lot. The first part of the English test was the most difficult… Vocabs. It was 30 items for that part. The essays were easy, however, I couldn’t find enough words to support my answer. But I think it was best to keep the answers short (Keep It Short, Stupid XD)

Later on, we had our STR Presentation. The last 4 groups reported and we were part of those 4. I think I was in a good mood since I gave them all a much higher grade than those who reported earlier. But I liked all reports… Especially on the last slide of Group 8’s Powerpoint Presentation. We finished at around 4 pm.

After that, there was more STR! A groupmate and I went to the Fiber Industry and Development Authority… FIDA, for short. It was a *few* blocks away from Philcoa so we could walk from there. We had our samples tested for its tensile strength. Afterwards, we had to go back to Philcoa and I had my Viscomm plate *finally* printed. It cost me 70 pesos… A3 laser print on glossy paper. In the print shop, it was quite crowded since the place was very small. There was also that irritating sound box that would tweet and cheep whenever someone opened or merely touched the door. And I also had to wait for a long time since there was only one person handling the shop and there were a lot of pending orders. Gah. Torture. Good thing there was air conditioning inside.

After printing, I ate at Mcdo (sorry AJ… malapit eh XD) and finally tasted the McRice Burger which was expensive that’s why I wouldn’t buy i beforet. But it was quite worth it since it tasted good (Tasty chicken fillet!) and I didn’t eat dinner at home on that night.

When I went home, I rode a jeep. The driver was a bit rude when he reached EDSA. Rude in a funny way, though. He was trying to fill up the jeep and he had a hard time since another jeep in front of ours was also trying to load more passengers. So everytime passengers would approach the jeeps, he’d call out
Dito na lang kayo, parang awa niyo na! Pambili lang ng asin! Wag na kayo dyan! May surat (I don’t know if the word’s right) yan! Madilim pa dyan! Buti dito may ilaw. Mabagal yan miss! Dito na lang po kayo! Panget dyan!
He kept on shouting and when the jeep was finally filled, he cursed the barker when he asked for money. XP. Siya naman lang daw yung tumawag… Oh well… That’s life.

Today, we have Chem, Filipino and ECON. Then tomorrow, Bio and Math. BTW, I finally got a perfect score in a Bio long test! 40.5/40! Happy! I really, really love Bio this year! It’s way much better than Bio last year. Go Sir Talaue!

Right now, I’m in a dilemma in choosing whether to go to the Pisay Xmas party on December 8 or to go to my grandma’s birthday in Terriyaki Boy (I just ate there once before) T_T I hope we can have that birthday on lunch time so that I could go to Pisay by 6.

Also, I miss Viscomm. This quarter, I was finally able to complete and submit all Viscomm plates! Yay! Now, I want to finish the film “Run Lola, Run”. Practically, the story’s about a girl named Lola who…uhm…. runs! I guess we’re going to finish that film next year.

Any more stuff to say? None? So that’s all for today! Good luck mga o7 sa perio! I hope we make it all the way till graduation. If not, then let’s all go,

Boom tarat tarat! (3x)
Boom boom boom!

(Repeat till you feel happy… or stupid)
(Photon’s fave song. Nakaka-LSS daw XP)


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