The long weekend

I just came from the DOST-SEI Scholarship Exam in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in Taguig. Gah. It was *really* like an IQ Test. I didn’t encounter the usual Math, Science and English Exams so the time that I wasted “studying” wasn’t really worth it.

I woke up 4:30 am and got up 5:00. All the while my dad thought that I was having my exam in PUP Manila. I tried convincing him a few days ago that it was in Taguig but he insisted that the guys from DOST made a mistake. Finally, my mom decided to check it out and they saw that it was really in Taguig. So they had to quickly search for a map of Taguig since it was already 6:00 am. Then we took a taxi going there and luckily it was early morning so there was obviously no traffic and we got there minutes after 6:30. Wow. That was really quick. But I still hate it. Why do I have to take my exams in Taguig when I live all the way up in Quezon City? Why can’t we all just take the test in Pisay?

Unlike the exams I took in UP, Ateneo and Pisay, there was only one place for the exam so the place wasn’t too jammed. When I reached the gymnasium, I saw a lot of Pisay people like Sam, Rayray, Ramdass, Maisie, Liean, Mia, Joriel, Carla, Erika, Hannah, Nico. The exam started around 7:40-something.

I really didn’t expect the exam to be very different. Well, yes, I was introduced to IQ tests but I never encountered memory tests except for the time I took the entrance test at St. Scho… but that was 4 years ago! The test went fine and until now, I still memorize stuff like…

Section-Button, Paper-Zigzag, Needle-Period, Rectangle-Marker, Diamond-Pencil, Square-Thimble, Zipper-Cylinder, Clip-Plane … and that there were 10 students in the classroom and 6 were girls and 4 were boys. The teacher was a girl and pointed to a square, a rectangle and a circle. Also at the board, there was a house, plane and elephant. Written on the top of the board were the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff.

I also didn’t encounter tests like the motorsensor-chuva, inspection and linguistic. The linguistic part was fun! They gave you a hypothetical language to learn. It was like learning a new language. After I did that part, I tried to review it and I then thought “Wow Denise… did you really understand these things?!”.

Oh well. The results will be released on April 2007. I hope I pass… It will really help my parents if I get it. Besides, they said that they’ll give me DSL if I do get it!

Going back on the topic of the long weekend. Thank God that the typhoon missed Metro Manila. Maybe I should also thank Bonifacio. Belated happy birthday! Call me strange but I really hoped that there were classes last Thursday. I wanted to do the STR quarterly report so that I would get over it already. I also wanted to pass my Viscomm plate too because this was the only day that I could pass a plate early. ^^

Last Friday, I went to SM North with my brother with his classmates. They went to buy zeny in Ragnarok. They really didn’t know where Netopia was exactly that’s why they invited me to come along. Before the seller came, we played DOTA. Pathetic… I always get killed. Even though it was my fourth time to play the game, I still feel degraded. Asides from getting massacred, a kid was behind me and giving me instructions on how to play. Sheesh! He just kept on talking and scolding me for being a pathetic player. Oh how I wish Netopia would prohibit bystanders. Ahaha. But I had a lot of fun playing. ^^

It’s 3rd quarter exams this week. How time travels fast! I hope I can do well… After that, I’ll start my Christmas shopping. Yay!


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