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December 30, 2006

I hate it when I begin a post. I make an introduction, then I delete it. Then I write another statement, then I delete it again. And another one, and so forth.

Yesterday, my family and I went to UP campus for the usual annual get-together with my parents’ “brods”. They consisted of my parents’ friends back when they were still in college taking up ROTC. Some of them were also the ninongs and ninangs of me and my brother (*hint, hint*).

We arrived pretty early at the military ed. area. I thought that the place had shrunk. The last time I remembered having a get-together at that place was back when I was still in Grade 4 so my perspective of that area must’ve changed after so many years.

So we ate lunch (mmm…), had some chitchat, gave away gifts, received some gifts and said goodbye. End of story.

My dad and my brother went to Antipolo for a family reunion of his side of the family. My mom and I went to SM to buy some things because the mall had a year end sale. YAY! I finally have new rubber shoes! Binyagan na! I also bought a few posters at Comic Alley. They were originally priced at 20 pesos but they were now sold for 10 pesos. Problem with that now is that I don’t know where to place them in the house. I’m thinking of giving them away but I don’t know any die-hard fan of Tsubasa Chronicles ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And asides from Comic Alley, I spotted plushies on sale at the gift factory. OMG. You should’ve seen the number of Hello Kitty plushies! It reminded me on the time when I was an avid collector of Hello Kitty items back in grade school. Nakakamiss!

So after that, I bought my Dekada 70 book (bakit ngayon lang ha!), bought more stuff, ate dinner at Tokyo Tokyo and went home. We finally assembled our new computer table (all we have to do is place the computer on it) and I went online shortly after. I attended the last mass in Ragnarok which makes me entitled to the Angel’s Blessing to be claimed tonight! Yay!

And guess what I saw later on the net!

OMG. I can’t believe it! Seventh? Thank you God! I’ve always wanted to be at the Top Rated in blogskins! When I left going to UP, this blogskin had 16 comments! Now when I came back, it was raised to 34! OMG. OMG. OMG.

God has been giving me a lot graces since yesterday (I know God gives me graces every single day of my life but… uhm… basta). Thanks Lord for the gifts I’ve received from my parents’ friends! Thanks for making me in the Top 15 rated! Thanks for my mom’s treats yesterday! Thanks also for the gift I received from my dad’s relatives even though I don’t know (and haven’t met) some of them! Thanks for making tonight free so I can claim my prize in Ragnarok! Thanks for letting me win in the Filipino Blog of the Week! Thanks for everything!

This weekend is just a fairly happy one. There is just one thing missing.


Fourth place! Woah!

This is as of January 1, 2007! So that means


New year. New beginnings.


Random thoughts

December 27, 2006

WARNING: Some graphic images are not suitable for young (and old) audiences. Viewer’s discretion is advised. You have been warned. This post is about a few random stuff that has happened in the past few days.

First of all, I’ve submitted 2 new skins to blogskins! Actually, I’ve submitted the first one a day ago and i plan to submit the other one during peak hours tomorrow. This is the one I’m going to submit tomorrow. It’s pretty simple actually… If you want to use or try the layout, you can tag me for the URL of the code.
Next is that I want to thank everyone who has voted for me in the Filipino Blog of the Week. I’m so glad to be in the lead! I never expected it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that you guys would continue to support me! I forgot to mention to thank Misyel too for indirectly introducing the FBOTW to me. I first encountered it when I visited her blog and it was nominated for Week 34. Wala lang. Share ko lang.
I also want to share two tests I’ve taken.

Testriffic IQ test

Wahah. Seryoso ba ito? I recalled having the “Quick Dirty IQ Test” in blogthings and I ended up having an IQ of 100. Layo no? Oh well. I rock ๐Ÿ˜› Wahah. Joke lang.

What mental disorder do you have?

Your Result: Manic Depressive

You have extreme cycles of highs and lows. Sometimes you feel like you don’t know who you are. One week you could be very hyper and happy and the next week you are slow and depressed.

GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)


What mental disorder do you have?

Why am I not surprised to see this? Well, I am surprised to see that I’m more OC than paranoid but that is all. So, okay. That was a complete waste of space.

Another update in my blog is the addition of the “Previous Layouts” section. It’s still under testing so I won’t say first how it goes. It’s located somewhere in my blog if you happen to be interested in looking for it. I’d like to thank fallenSOUL or isolation-d for this feature. I’ve learned a lot about CSS now, thanks to him! Visit his blogskins at I’ve already mentioned the URL of his blog.

Lastly, WE CAUGHT A RAT! Yes! Finally! After many weeks of watching them run sneakily aroung the house, the flytrap managed to get a small one.

I just feel bad that we had to murder the little critter. Well, I don’t feel bad but I feel disgusted on how we killed it. I’ll end this post with a picture on how the rat said its farewells.

Yes folks, the horrid truth. Oh well, good night to all. If you’d notice the time, it’s around 2:40 in the EARLY morning. TWO DAYS BEFORE 2007!


Past and Present

December 26, 2006

Before the real post, I’d just wanna say first that my blacksmith in RO is finally in level 98! Yay! One more level before the light! I do hope that there would be more modified EXP after tomorrow’s maintainance.

So this post would just be some sort of letter to 2 people, namely to the past and present. Labo.


I’m glad that we’ve met again. Seriously. Though not really personally, I’m still happy that I’ve had the chance to talk to you after 4 long years. Of course you know that something did happen between all of us a long time ago. I never ever would forget those days. For me, it was the time I realized that I wasn’t a young girl anymore and that I must grow up and face reality… something like that. And I say with full certainty that it was you who really changed me back then. I’ve wanted to tell you this for a long time. I had fun back then–those times playing, hanging out and chatting together with other friends. You guys were the ones who showed me what happiness really was about. You guys were the ones who gave me a memorable and unforgetable childhood. And among you guys, you (past) were the one who left one of the biggest mark in my memory. You were always there– being sweet, thoughtful and submissive (Wahah^^). You never fought with me, made me cry or made me furious. I’ve never imagined that someone like you would care for a person such as myself and I’m really grateful for that.

But you should remember, past is past. As I’ve said, it’s been four years already. I’ve moved on with my life and I’m sure you have too. So there is no point in telling me those 3 words just to let me forgive you. I’m sure you still remember the last conversation we had. And I’m sure you recall when I got mad at you. It’s petty, I tell you. I would’ve forgotten the incident all at once if you didn’t just open your big mouth there. Don’t rub it in my face on why I liked you back then. Kasi gwapo, mabait at nakakatuwa ka. I told this to you back then for a million times and I told you this a day before we had this chat. I hated it when you asked why I liked you again just because I didn’t agree that you were good looking. What I hate the most is the people who are too boastful about their looks. Yung pinagyayabang ang mga itsura nila. I just hate it! I also dislike people who can’t understand that a “Busy” status in YM means “Do not disturb me. I’m doing something important right now”. Get a hint. I know you’re bored over there but don’t bother people who tell you that they are occupied at the current moment.

So yun lang. Di ako nagalit sa iyo. Naasar lang ako dahil dun. Bati na tayo ha ^^ And get over “it”. Nangyari na ang nangyari and there’s no use going back to those times. Happy days.


I really wish that I can say the same for you. Let me be honest. Di pa rin. Nandito pa rin. At parang matagal pa bago mawala.

My “Operation SDL” last 12-22-06 was a complete failure. If you’re wondering why you had a lot of figures at that time, I will confess that it was me. I did more than 3/4 of the figures you’ve seen. I tried to frame you. Why? I don’t know. Why am I telling you this? Because my conscience is seriously bugging me but I really don’t want to tell you personally.

You can never imagine what your brain does to you when you’ve been far away from a friend for a very long time. It gives out bad scenarios. It tells you that your friend hates you, wants to rip your sanity off and make you live a life of hell. It tells you that you are not wanted anymore and that all that you’ve been through together doesn’t matter at all to that friend. Yes, paranoid as it may seem, that’s what happened to me. Well, I can’t blame myself. That’s what I see anyways. I don’t matter anymore now do I? Well, I can’t blame you for that. I was not a good friend back then. And up to this moment, I still haven’t changed. Look at me, I’m here trying to frame you. Hahah, Denise is not really a nice person after all huh?

I try hard to convince myself that I didn’t waste a year and a half of my life. Well it really seems that I did. Those days were so WASTED. But up to now, I’m still dwelling over what has happened back then. Hahah. Now what?

I tried asking God whether what I’m going through now is a sign that I should stop this or if this is a test for me to carry on. I still don’t know the answer but I can’t wait any longer for it. I’m starting to feel that I’m wasting my time pondering about things. Useless and petty things. I’M STRESSED! Do you know what this means?

Stressed= eat, play, sleep

Eat, play, sleep=Unproductive=Fat! Hah! I can’t believe how much pounds you’ve been causing me. Good thing my “reasonable” thinking prevents me from resorting to drugs but I think that computer games are as highly addictive and costly as them. Great.

I don’t know the exact words to tell you… Well, I can write you a 20-page letter to tell you everything but that would just be plain unreasonable. I just want to say now that I’m sorry for everything. Yes, this letter made short is just to tell you that I’m sorry. I’ve tried so hard but I just can’t. If your forgiveness means me staying out of your life for good, then I’m willing to accept it. Okay?

Then goodbye ^^ Tapos na palanca mo.

Pre Christmas Post

December 25, 2006

Here are the reasons on why it’s just now that I’m going to post again. Take note that my thoughts on the following events are the ones I’ve felt and thought on the very day it occured. Uhm… Let’s just say that I’ve written these posts on the day that they’ve happened and I just compiled them all in this post.

1. Ragnarok Online Modified EXP. Yes! Level-up-games has granted my Christmas wish to have a 3x modified EXP. It started last Wednesday, December 20. I’m going to try to make my Blacksmith reach level 98 by this week. Oh I really hope that I can make it! I’m also trying out to get the “Angel’s Blessing” headgear. You get this item by doing an RO style Simbang Gabi by going to the Prontera Chapel from 7-11 PM for 14 days straight (From December 17-31). My knight’s trying this out and so far I’m doing well. I just have a problem on the last day since my family’s heading to Paranaque for New Year’s Eve. Wah. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2. AHS Mass/Program/Salu-salo. My brother had his last day of school at December 20. My mom and I went to Ateneo to accompany him. We planned to attend the Holy Mass at 4 PM but we had a hard time getting a taxi so we were late for the mass. After the mass, I observed the venue (AHS covered courts) and just noticed how big the place was. Then I recalled that each batch had around 600 students, so that was around 2400 students in the whole high school community. Then add the parents, faculty, friends and the other people and you have a whole bunch of people. Wala lang. I’m not used to that much people cramped in a school venue. So, back to the topic, there was a program that followed the mass. The students, faculty and staff presented dance and song numbers. It was pretty nice to watch it though I don’t know any of the people there. It reminded me of similar events in Pisay where I could see teachers work it out on the center stage. After that, each class had to go back to their respective classrooms for a salu-salo. Not much happened in the 2-I class. The food was great though. The class also had a sing-a-long and the one who would get the highest point would get an SM 500-peso gift cheque. We left early since my mom was getting sleepy.

3. DOTA. Huzzah! My brother was able to borrow a DOTA CD from his classmate (from the party I suppose) so it’s now on our PC. Yay! I really have fun playing though I always get creamed. I like using the Alchemist (I forgot his name) and Lina Inverse the Slayer. The game’s pretty addictive. I do hope I get better.

4. Blogskins. I spend my time now giving out comments, ratings and green flags. For those who want instant greenies and 5 stars, I’m your person. Just make sure that you and your skins are DECENT. I’m not that fussy in rating skins. But don’t think I’m a nice person. I also give reds and poor ratings to those who deserve them. And another thing… just make sure that you don’t know me personally if you want me to rate. No offense to strawbess (she’s an exception since she’s a nice person) but I REALLY, REALLY HATE PEOPLE WHO ASKS THEIR FRIENDS to make accounts to simply raise their ratings. That is just unfair, wrong AND A SIGN OF DESPERATION . EARN THE 5 STARS FAIRLY YOU JERKS! There.

5. Okasan’s Christmas Shopping. I can assume that you know what okasan means once I explain. My okasan went to SM to get gifts for her godchildren. She asked me for suggestions on where to buy gifts. She told me that one of them wanted something Cartoon Network-ish like Power Rangers and Pokemon (Ah, childhood memories XP) so I suggested that she go to Comic Alley for Pokemon merchandise. When she came back, she had toys, pillows and shirts with her. Then she showed me the Pokemon figurines she bought. Cmon. I don’t remember any of the characters that she bought asides from Pikachu. Then she began sharing about the prices of this-and-that items and she told me about the biggest Mokona Modoki stuffed toy which costs 1280 (like I didn’t know that… XP) and the other posters of this-and-that anime and how cheaper the Pokemon plushies are compared to the Tsubasa Chronicle ones. I could’ve sworn that she would give me a Pokemon or another Mokona stuffed toy for Christmas. Wahah. On the following day, she shopped some more and came home with incredibly huge wrapped boxes and paper bags. Woah. Para kanino kaya yan?

6. More RO. Due to the 3x EXP, my brother decided to make a sage. He managed to MANUALLY make one in 3 days (or 24 hours in total, yes we counted how long) which got to Job Level 50. More geographers then.

7. Unproductivity and boredom. Well if you’ve noticed, I’m really unproductive for this week. I only do constructive stuff in my online and gaming life but asides from that, I’m practically useless, idle and unfruitful. If you remove the PC from my Christmas break, I’d die of boredom.

8. Trip to Paranaque. Last Suday (December 24) my family went to Paranaque to have mass and lunch. We met at our lola’s house and went to mass at 10:30. We ate lunch at Pancake House in Bicutan. It’s located at Brittany Bay at the Express Road near the Sucat Tollgate. I recommend the variety of restos/cafes there. I also suggest that you go there at night and eat outside since the view’s nice, atmosphere’s soothing, it’s windy and spacey and there’s usually a live band performing. It’s such a lovely place. So going back, after lunch, we went back to lola’s house and opened our gifts. Yay! MP3 PLAYER AT LAST! Thanks! We also opened my lola’s balikbayan box which finally arrived from the States last week. It was just bunch of clothes I took no interest in. What caught my eye however was a 74-piece make-up set. I love it! Its so pink, neat, lovely and girly. I don’t like make-up though but I really wanted that for myself. My mom didn’t permit me since I don’t use make-up. She said to reserve in the future for a debutante. Cmon. 3 years to go! So after that, we went back at home at around 6:30 PM.

So this is what happened on the week before Christmas. My next post would be a short one on what has happened today this Christmas. Maligayang Pasko!

Christmas Post

December 25, 2006


For Noche Buena, we ate at a Chinese Resto at Tomas Morato. Due to excessive consumption of food from the previous meal, we didn’t have the stomach to eat much so we asked them to wrap the food instead to go. The food was great though we thought it would be best to eat it at an empty stomach so that we could savor the taste well.

I won’t share what happened at home but here are two pics to give a small idea.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Weeeh! Cute stuffed toy. My guess was nearly true but I’m not that happy about it. I just find it weird for parents to give their teenage daughters incredibly cute and cuddly teddy bears. Shouldn’t their boy friends be the one giving those? Ahahah. I still have no name for her… it’s actually a boy as stated by its tag (A male purple teddy bear? I don’t like the idea). It’s name is really Bernie but I’m not really feeling it. Any suggestions?

So on the following day, my dad, bro and I went to Bulacan to visit my dad’s family. My mom couldn’t go since she still has work tonight. Not everyone was there in our grandparent’s house since they would be going on the 31st. We ate lunch there (Karekare still owns!) and had a chat with relatives. I got some hour’s nap and snazzy kikay-ish gifts there. Yay! We went home on 4:30 PM.

And here I am right now, finishing my post and waiting for dindin.

And I just want to proudly announce that my blog was nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week! I found out about it after I finished sending my “Merry Christmas Tags” to most of the people on my links section this morning. I came back to look at my blog to check if may new layout was fine or if anyone tagged (I didn’t expect any though. Cmon. It was 8 o’clock AM at that time. People are sure to be still asleep.) Then I found out I was nominated for the FBW! OMG. I never expected to be included in the nominees! I don’t really write well and I just blog to take note on what has happened on a particular day. I don’t write nice poems/songs/stories or share any breathtaking opinions about controversial topics or anything that much interesting. Mmm, he must’ve just liked the layout… ^^ I do write like a whinny schoolgirl after all.

Anyways, I’m just flattered and honored. I really think that being included as one of the nominees is a big thing. Winning it would probably be like getting your skin as an SOTD in blogskins. Hahah.

So, If you enjoy reading my posts, like my layout or just like me (wahah), vote quiesentimental at (the poll at the left navigation) or you can just vote at this blog below the tagboard.

Thank you all! Thanks to talksmart too for deciding to include me for this week!

Have a blessed Christmas to you all!

Let us not forget that today is the birth of the Lord. Give thanks to Him for this wonderful day. So I’d like to thank God for all my gifts, me and my loved ones still alive and well, my remaining sanity (next post! abangan), me being nominated and everything else. God bless to all!

December is very, very cold!

December 18, 2006

Part 2 of today’s post.

Scrap the second to the last paragraph of my previous post. I was having second thoughts on going to the Rb gimik a while ago because I had no idea on how to get to Eastwood. Luckily, Ed was on the rescue and he agreed to meet up at Mcdo Katips to take me there. Actually, I thought that Ed was Joey since he kept on texting me with a bunch of smilies. รผรผรผ. I didn’t want to ask who was texting me… nahiya lang ako. I just assumed it was Joey who was sending those messages. Wahahh. Sorry Ed.

I was a bit late with the meeting at Mcdo. I had to wait for a long time to get a jeep to UP Campus and when I arrived in UP, we had to wait for the jeep to be filled. Andy was the first person I saw, then Ed. We then rode going to Eastwood. It was my first time to go to Eastwood and I pretty liked it there. It was like taking a stroll in the park. It was also windy. It just goes to show that Christmas is approaching and December is very, very cold.

When we came to the cinema (meeting place), it was still close so we had to wait there until someone came along. Axel came in around 30 minutes later. Rr came next, then Louie. We then decided to eat lunch first. We had a hard time choosing where to eat since most of the restaurants in Eastwood were too expensive. We finally decided to settle at Tokyo Tokyo. Mmm, beef terriyaki.

Later, we had a hard time deciding on a movie. We had four choices— Tenacious D, Happy Feet, Casino Royale and A Good Year. We crossed out A Good Year from our list because it still started at 2:55. The rest started at 1:40, 1:05 and 1:10, respectively. Andy and Ed also both watched the first 2 movies and RR watched the first 3 movies so we really had a hard time to choose what movie to watch. We finally decided to settle it with a flip-a-coin. Due to the higher probability of winning, we chose Casino Royale. We bought 8 tickets priced at 150 each. It was expensive but it was worth it. I liked the cinema… except for the fact that it was SOO SOO cold. Even if I did have a jacket, it was chilly.

Before the movie started, Kat and Tim were able to catch up with us. Kat had an interview prior to the gimik and Tim’s village didn’t have electricity so they were able to come along. I don’t usually like James Bond movies since I’m pretty slow in picking up storylines with those kind of movies but I pretty much enjoyed this one… I wouldn’t appreciate it though if I didn’t know anything about poker. It would also be much nicer if there were less making-out scenes. ^^

The movie ended around 3:40-ish. Ed brought Andy, Axel and me to Katipunan. I got off at the Ateneo and went straight home. Good thing I didn’t spend much on this outing. I was able to spend less than 350! But too bad that there was no studio pic ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We *finally* put up Christmas decors. It was also my first time to put up the Christmas tree STAR! Huzzah. I also made the new layout. I like it because I was able to do it without the use of pictures… it’s also a bit cute. I don’t like it because it’s my first time to make such thing and I hate it. It’s too simple, plain and overdecorated at the same time. In short, it’s a crappy work of an amateur. I’m going to bring it back to the previous layout this Friday so enjoy it while it lasts.
And to end this post, I finally have the Rag.exe which makes dual clients possible! Thanks Dianne!

Teh weakdne

December 17, 2006

A bunch of things has happened this weekend.

First, I’m having a blog layout frenzy! I’ve just downloaded a bunch of Photoshop brushes and I’m having fun editing and playing with pictures! So far, I’ve made 8 layouts and coded already 7 of them. I’m planning to make one more before I go to bed tonight. I’m also planning to change my blog skin every 2 weeks! Wahah! Here are some previews of the stuff I’ve made.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think I’m going to use the last one for Valentine’s Day. I’m also planning to make another one for this new year! Nakaka-adik! I hope that with a bit a lot, lot more practice, one of my skins would be placed in SOTD in blogskins someday. Wahah. I can dream, can’t I?

I wish I knew how to make template codes out of CSS. I want to switch templates in my blog as easily as this guy does, Idol ko sya! He designs a lot of cool blogs! And he can make his template change in seconds because he knows his CSS. Wahah. I also like She was the one who designed my blog layout in my tabulas.

So, back to the topic. Last Saturday was my dad’s birthday. It was also the promotion of my brother to his BLACKBELT! Wahoot! After 5 long years of training, he’s finally getting his blackbelt. We took a taxi going to the main PTA office which is beside the Philippine Sports Commission. It’s also near the LRT nearby De La Salle University. The registration was at 12nn so we were asked to go back at around 1:30. We ate lunch at Wendy’s and we waited for a long time since there were 3 batches which were ahead of my brother’s (1 batch of yellow belts and 2 batches of high browns going black). It was also hot there since we were not allowed to enter inside the center. We could only view them from outside along with the scorching heat. Gahh.

The guys from the main were pretty strict! When I was watching the previews batches, one screwed up with his forms so they were ALL asked to do push-ups *outside*. It was like what the 07 CAT officers did on their graduation but it was harder because the ground was pretty hot and they had to do push-ups with their knuckles. Yeowch! My bro’s batch did the same but they did it inside. BTW, there were also 2 blackbelts taking another promotion for a higher “dan” (proficiency level in martial arts). In the promotion, they were asked to do kicks, a lot forms (randomly chosen forms from yellow to brown belt), more kicks, self defense, a lot of kicks and sparring. It was your regular promotion… And so I thought…

After the regular sparring, the last batch had to spar again but this time, they had to spar with higher Blackbelts (not the 2). They were going wild! I was able to spar with blackbelts before but they would usually go easy on me. But I was seeing them really beating up those being promoted. Sparring was one of the last events that’s why they were already exhausted. Poor them. After that, they were asked to kick wooden blocks. Cool! It’s like what I see in demos! The 2 blackbelts were assigned 3 blocks instead. You could keep the block as a souvenir but my bro decided not to take his.

They were then dismissed and they shook hands with all the blackbelts who assisted the promotion. I thought it was all over, but I saw that none of them was leaving the room yet. Then I saw that the faciliators shut close all the windows and doors. Apparently, no one could see much what was happening. But lo and behold! A peephole… This was the fun part. The ones being promoted were now crawling between the legs of all the blackbelts and were being hit at the butt with wooden blocks. Amusing! It was some sort of initiation! There was really something unique with blackbelt promotions! So, after around 10 minutes, they were finally released. Huzzah.

We took a jeep going to Kalaw and we ate dinner at Jollibee. Our dad then left us for a party so we took another jeep going home. And, that was it. Congrats!

So, I played O2 Jam and I am now finally at Level 25! I’ve bought and downloaded 3 songs. I like the “Fรผr Elise” the most (That’s how it’s really spelled…it’s by Beethoven–the creepy song). I’ve also got “Amadeus” and “Pit-a-Pat Summer”. I love the songs! I hope I can get to level 26 before the week ends.

I’m also 23.9% base exp in RO. 76.1 more to go and I’ll be in level 98! Lapit na! I’m going to make an old account my support priest when I level up. I hope I get to level 99 soon, then it’s the road to MasterSmith! Whahah.

Later, may outing ang Rb sa Eastwood. Yay! Finally! So far, alam kong sasama sina Tim, Rr, Andy and Joey. Grabe. Sana di sila magastos! Pero sila pa! Mga dakilang gimikera! Wahah. Good luck na lang sa akin.

I keep on saying that I’m bored. The truth is, I still have STR, Econ, Noypi and palancas to do. Okay? Wahahah. Tamad lang talaga ako!

Old and new

December 14, 2006

Last Monday, I was able to chat with an old friend whom I haven’t seen for 4 years. He was a childhood friend whom I’ve known ever since I was in the third grade. The last time I personally saw him was four years ago when I still lived in our apartment in Paranaque. He also lived in the same apartment, he was a unit away from ours. I still remember that he and his family moved out at around January 2004 and lived at a nearby subdivision. He would usually go back to our neighborhood and visit his friends who lived there. I haven’t seen him ever since he moved out because I was already a dormer at that time and could not be at home that often.

Around a month ago, I learned that his family has already migrated to another country. How could have I known that they would move out again… and to think that I kept on anticipating him and his younger sister everytime I would visit my old home.

When we talked, I noticed that he was still the same as before. He was the same nice, polite and thoughtful guy. He asked if I was still fine and how my life was. He also told me about his life right now. I learned that he was also graduating high school this year. I found this quite amusing because I knew that back then, when I was about to enter high school, he was about to enter the 6th grade. And he also took up grade 7. Hindi ko talaga alam kung paano yun nangyari. :/ He’s already on his Christmas break already but his sibblings are still in school. Pareho pala kami.

We reminisced a bit on our childhood days. We recalled on how we used to play patintero and another game whose name I’ve forgotten already (It’s like hide and seek) all day long… grabe, those good old days.

When he left, I continued remembering those days of roaming around the subdivision, playing playstation, playing games like langit-lupa, taguan, tumbang preso, buying fishball in the afternoon, climbing trees, biking on unchartered terrains, getting scolded for staying up late, bullying guys younger AND older than me… the list seemed endless. I really missed those times. You could really say that I had a good childhood. Well yes, I did. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. So you could’ve imagined me crying on the night before I left for the dorm. Oo, napaiyak ako. I was saying goodbye to those days. I knew then that there was no turning back. I was already growing up and I needed to let go all those things for something “better”. Oo, madrama nga. Kaya titigil muna ako ngayon. I’m sure that the things that I gave up was worth it but I really wish that I could go back to those times. I still keep in touch with my other neighbors but not all of them. I just like to say that I MISS YOU GUYS!

I spent the whole week bloghopping. Like what I’ve said, I had a lot of time to waste. I enjoyed reading their blogs… I found out about a lot of things about the world out there and saw a lot of people with similar problems, favorites or preferences as I had. It was also amusing because I felt like it was also a small world out there. After wandering far, far away from my original point I was able to get back… (and see that a lot of people were tagging ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks!) I also happened to meet a schoolmate (a batch younger) who shared a lot of similar interests with me. I just finished meeting her on a game and she seemed very nice… that’s why I’m going to hunt her down next year because she made my PC hang. Wahahah.

For yesterday and today, I was able to chat with Gihan, Jo and Tin. It’s been the first week of Christmas vacation but I already miss them all. Gihan was still the same hyper person that she managed to keep me up all night. Too bad that she wasn’t able to enter Intel. Sosyal pa naman nagawa nila. I also had another one-on-one talk with Jo, my personal planarian psychiatrist. She somewhat was able to slap some sense to me. I was having those regular breakdown moments which she managed to ease. Baliw talaga ako.

Asides from talking and chatting to them, they all reminded me to do STR, econ and Viscomm. Wahah. Kaya…

Lame post

December 13, 2006

And here’s a lame excuse to write in my blog.

Question 1:
If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion?

Read the next question before looking at the response for this one.

Question 2:
It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three candidates.

Candidate A.
Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologist. He’s had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.

Candidate B.
He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening.

Candidate C.
He is a decorated war hero. He’s a vegetarian, doesn’t smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife. Which of these candidates would be your choice?

Decide first… no peeking, then scroll down for the response……….

BUT FIRST… may ad!

Due to personal reasons… wala na yung link sa blog skin ko… Kasi…
May papatay sa akin so let’s just forget about it, okay?

Now, can I still interest you guys with a piece of ham?

GAME! Eto na ang solutions to the problem set!

Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Candidate B is Winston Churchill.

Candidate C is Adolph Hitler.

And, by the way, on your answer to the abortion question: If you said YES, you just killed Beethoven.


Name and Image-Ready

December 11, 2006
In the past 15 years in my life, I never really encountered people with the same name as I do. I’m sure I’ve heard of some actresses who had a similar name as I did (actually I got my name from a Denise from the Cosby show) but that was it. I rarely see or meet people with that name and I don’t even see my name much in raffle winners and movie credits! Well, I found nothing wrong with that. I don’t like people knowing 2 Denises after all. And I’m even irritated that my former classmates used to tease me as “taong lobo” because my name’s similar to Dennis from Ghostfighter.

When I was young, I was joked that I was going to be a drunkard someday since my name means “Goddess of Wine”. My name is actually based from Dionysius, the god of wine. I figured that out through our first quarter book in English for this school year–“Mythology” by Edith Hamilton. Dionysius drove people mad or frenzied by making them too much drunk with wine. Maybe I’m pretty similar with that guy god. I love to drive people insane.

I was inspired to do this post because I finally learned how Adobe ImageReady! It’s a program that makes animated gifs with a bit help from Photoshop. Here’s the first one I’ve ever made.

Haha. Kakaaliw sya. And how does this relate to my name? Duh. Ayun oh. Pangalan ko ang nakasulat. ๐Ÿ˜›

Asides from that, I’ve obviously had a lot of time to kill so I found myself bloghopping. I stumbled to 3 blogs with authors who had the same name as I did. I found them linked to one another that’s why I felt strangely amused with the thought. One of Denises gave a link to an ImageReady tutorial. I really thank her for putting that up. I hope that she doesn’t mind me putting up her link so that I can get back to the tutorial anytime. AND SHE HAS A HIKARU UTADA SONG! I wanted to put up the same song (Hikari) in my site but I couldn’t find the URL for that song. I have the midi in my computer though…

So, that’s it for my shortest post so far. Time to bloghop more! Kudos! ^^

PS. Long overdue announcement…

“Congratulations!You passed the entrance examination for BIOTECHNOLOGY/CHE/CHM.Should you desire to pursue your application for admission, please report to the Admissions Office for the payment of reservation fee (1,000 PhP, non-refundable). Please make your payment on or before April 12, 2007. Wednesday, April 25, 2007
–>Your exam score also qualifies you to enroll in the following degree program(s):

This is from the Mapua Website. Try nyo Batch No. 503 Application No. 05